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  1. dunar

    Tailgating Fall of 2020

    I wouldn't be surprised if fencing is involved. I worked for Ogden Entertainment in '98, they managed the Iowa State Center. One day, in preparation for a Boy Scouts convention in Hilton, they had us drive fence posts the length of Lincoln Way, from Beach to Elwood and then rolled out the...
  2. dunar

    Worst ISU Football Team You've Watched

    First ISU game I went to. Rainy/dreary day, IIRC. My dad took me down between the locker room doors to watch the teams come out after half. OU fans that were in Ames threw oranges at them. I remember nothing of the game, but have been an ISU fan since!
  3. dunar

    How are camps going on but we may not have football?

    I'm curious - are the on-campus events at big public universities? From what I know, they have been very risk-averse. Smaller/private colleges/universities seem to be still running some, from what I know. Some conferences have gone as far as banning all summer camps (although those restrictions...
  4. dunar

    How are camps going on but we may not have football?

    Camps that are still going on are not at colleges/universities, and more than likely at private facilities. Liability is huge.
  5. dunar

    Friend that works at ESPN

    My oldest was born the night before K-State, I watched the game in the Lutheran Hospital cafeteria. And I have a pic from a week later, after my dad and I went to the Colorado game, holding the boy in full ISU gear. He was born a Cyclone and I was sure his birth signaled the change in our...
  6. dunar

    Fantastic new walk on

    Maybe this can be like a CW vacation and we get a bunch of our top targeted recruits! (I have to give credit to my buddy @Cloneman89, his comment over text last night and I gave him the opportunity to post it himself...) Get well soon, CW!
  7. dunar

    [For Sale] Hilton Flooring

    I saw this when the auction went up, I follow ISU Surplus on FB, and had the delusions of buying and piecing out at profit until I realized that it was not a one man job. I worked for Ogden in '98, mostly outside of Hilton, but have seen the floor pulled up and put into storage. Pretty...
  8. dunar

    Talk to me about Jim Walden

    Anyone know where I can get some of those sweet Zubaz seen around 6:30 in the OU vid? Asking for a friend. Half kidding.
  9. dunar

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    I also love that whoever is running that site is using GoDaddy and their Domains By Proxy, so we'll never know who is behind it. Whois dbs used to be useful in tracking those kind of details down :D
  10. dunar

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    OK, which one of you guys threw that together? Com'on, I know it was one of you!
  11. dunar

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    They're ditching America Needs Another Lawyer so soon?
  12. dunar

    No Football posters this year.

    I was going to look into how to get some posters this week, I'll just leave a gap on the wall in my office where this year's should have gone!
  13. dunar

    Ezra Miller Enters Transfer Portal

    I've got $4.
  14. dunar

    Pick one: #1 Recruiting Class or #1 Draft Class

    I picked recruiting class. I barely care about pros. Highly ranked recruiting classes that are busts are the same to me as schools that churn out NFL with tons of players but still underachieve. Looking at 247's class ranks the last 4-5 years, how did Taggart get canned at FSU with those...
  15. dunar

    Ray Lima?

    Did all pro days get cancelled? I wonder if some schools got them in before everything shut down?
  16. dunar

    Funny ISU banter from Comedy Pod

    Normand was scheduled to be at the Funny Bone in WDSM in a couple weeks, I'm bummed that I'm not getting to see him there again (last time I knew he was scheduled, the show got moved/cancelled.) Mark was Amy Schumer's opener for awhile, Joe opened for Louis C.K. for awhile. I used to be a...
  17. dunar

    Ticket Renewal

    NCC renewed, was waiting until closer to the deadline to do tickets. Will probably still wait a couple weeks. We've had the same seats since '08, I plan to die as the ticket holder for that block!
  18. dunar

    New Uniforms Revealed

    When did the chrome/dark visors get outlawed or have they always been off-limits? I remembered Vaughn Dunbar wearing chrome when he played for Indiana, but a Google image search makes me think it was clear with a reflection...
  19. dunar

    Dave Andrews - New Football Strength Coach

    Doyle makes as much as Parker and more than Brian. I believe it's the only staff where the strength coach is paid as much as either coordinator, let alone more than either coordinator.