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  1. Dave19642006

    NFL Picks

    there is a 4k prize for correctly picking all games for this week Atlanta (8-2-0) Green Bay (7-3-0) Gbay -1.5 Buffalo (2-8-0) Pittsburgh (7-3-0) Pitt -7.5 Chicago (7-3-0) Philadelphia (7-3-0) Phil-4.5 Cleveland (3-7-0) Carolina (1-9-0) Cle -9.5 Washington...
  2. Dave19642006

    Texas woas just got worse

    BEVOS new position
  3. Dave19642006

    Cam Newton

    Is there a reason people still have him on the ballot till at least after the investigation??? It seems it may be another Reggie Bush deal where if he wins he may have to return it.... Seems if he is on it it will make the NCAA Heisman as corrupt as Roy Williams
  4. Dave19642006

    Montana State Look-alike

    Chris McCall looks like Buckwheat Montana State Bobcats - 2010-11 Men's Basketball Roster
  5. Dave19642006

    Building Codes for egress

    Can someone tell me the code for a 2 story wood frame R-4 dwelling that has a exterior wooden fire escape (this is for a bedroom) the following: 1. Can they use glass for a ballister? 2. What is the egress window size? On two I thought it would be a minimum of 5.7 feet... with the standard...
  6. Dave19642006

    kid sues because he put electricity to his nipples

    All I can say is...are you kidding me?? He should be sued for not listening in class....or just slapped
  7. Dave19642006

    George Foreman grill joke

    Someone posted a George Forman grill joke. About a man walking ina nd he sees his girlfriend with it... then you clicked the link and it was a George Forman Grill... DOes anyone have that?
  8. Dave19642006

    Here.... a new video for all to enjoy

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  9. Dave19642006

    Bobbie Eden will "you know everyone" if Netherlands wins the WC

    Pornstar Offers To Blow Everyone If The Netherlands Win | Manolith
  10. Dave19642006

    Thank you USA WC Team

    Out of 195 countries you qualified to play in the World Cup. 32 teams were invited.. You Qualified as a representative, You played hard, it may not be what you all expected or wanted to happen, but still out of 195 countries.....hats off to you.... Things I am impressed with.... England was...
  11. Dave19642006

    Nebraska in the Big ten??????

    WTF is going on now...
  12. Dave19642006

    Group "H" in the WC

    RThat is going to be a wower here ..... Chile with 6 points Spain with 3 Points Switzerland with 3 points Honduras with 0 points Chile plays Spain Switzerland plays Honduras Say Spain and Switzerland wins that makes it a 6,6,and 6 point differential then look at the fact that Chile beat...
  13. Dave19642006

    ok reality check

    I personally like who we have as coaches except for one. What are your thoughts if this program does the same thing as last year? Will that be tolerable with the A.D. will this be McD's last year then? Will the Cyclones pull up their boot straps and play the like this game should be? Failure...
  14. Dave19642006

    Boarding Pass

    British Airways red-faced over faux image of Bin Laden boarding pass - Yahoo! News
  15. Dave19642006

    Cubs pitcher Silva

    Ok he really surprised me.... 6-0 come on... who would have figured that. Sure they have him in games that we could have still won. Still 6-0???
  16. Dave19642006

    Oil spill suggestions

    How can we send the man to the moon and cant seem to figure out how to plug a hole????
  17. Dave19642006

    Canadian traffic signs

    Saw two signs in canada involving speeding... one posts that if you are over 20kmh its 95 dollars adn so on, another starts if over 50kmh you can and may lose your car. Wonder how that would go over here. I will get some pictures of it to post. If anyone cares to see them
  18. Dave19642006

    NASA Crash cost multimillion dollar payload

    Huge NASA Science Balloon Crashes in Australian Outback - Yahoo! News
  19. Dave19642006

    3D tvs

    Seriously thinking of this as in purchase... wonders what effects that will have on gameplay. If not I wonder how long till 3d gameplay comes out. Thinking football in 3d... or even racing
  20. Dave19642006

    College prank website

    Someone a few years ago had a cool website that you could send emails as a prank. One was the college credit short so you need to retake your course Can I please get the website for that. Thank you