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  1. coolmooinlou

    FS: *SOLD* 4 tickets to Oklahoma State game

    *SOLD* Four (4) tickets (seats together) for 10/23 Homecoming game against Okie State. Prefer to sell all together but will break up if necessary. Paid $360. Asking $75.00 OBO Sec G Row 25 Seats 25-28
  2. coolmooinlou

    FS: Dumb question

    Trying to list tickets for sale for an upcoming football game (Homecoming) but I can't figure out how to make the title red so it stands out like the rest of the posts do. I can change the color of the text in the body but not the title. Suggestions? Thanks!
  3. coolmooinlou

    FS: Oklahoma State Football Homecoming tickets

    Four (4) tickets (seats together) for 10/23 Homecoming game against Okie State. Prefer to sell all together. Sec G Row 25 Seats 25-28 $110 each. Go Cyclones!
  4. coolmooinlou

    I wish ALL games would be home games...

    My concern is in Stillwater. Not the Cowpokes - I have ultimate confidence in our squad - but the travel there, conditions once there, and travel back. It would be a travesty, after a nearly unprecedented start in Big 12 play and a "sky's the limit attitude" for this amazing group of players...
  5. coolmooinlou

    Auburn Sat 1/25

    Anybody road-tripping? My husband and I will be there cheering loud and proud! Hope a few more Southern/Southeastern US 'Clones are able to show up. GO CYCLONES!!
  6. coolmooinlou

    WVA game

    Considering a roadtrip to Morgantown next week. Anybody know which hotel the team stays at? Or a decent place not too far from the Coliseum? (unless it's a shady area)
  7. coolmooinlou

    Need 2 tickets to Tx Tech game March 9

    Can Venmo, Paypal or cash once arrived in Des Moines
  8. coolmooinlou


    Visiting Des Moines from Kentucky and would love to see my Cyclones play. So sick of Cats and Cards! Need two for Taco Tech on March 9
  9. coolmooinlou


    WTB: 2 tickets for Tx Tech on March 9. Visiting Des Moines from Kentucky and would love to see my beloved Cyclones play.
  10. coolmooinlou

    Big 12 Tourney

    Can't find a thread on this subject although it may exist. This will be our first Big 12 tournament experience and wanting to know if the team/fans stay at any particular hotel (fully realizing it's pretty late to be asking) and/or where I can find more information on activities/gatherings of...
  11. coolmooinlou

    INFINITI Coach's Time Out for the Win Competition

    As of today, Huggy, who motivates his team by telling them they suck, sits in 1st place among 48 coaches. CSP is a close second. With the size of our dedicated fan base, it should be an easy task to move our coach into first place. Takes about 3 seconds to post your vote for CSP each day until...
  12. coolmooinlou

    Drake tickets

    This is probably a stupid question, but what is the best way to buy tickets to the Drake game? It isn't listed in the ISU Cyclones Mens BB schedule. And I don't see any option to purchase. Must they be purchased directly from the venue? Rare family gathering in Des Moines for a funeral and...
  13. coolmooinlou

    WTB ISU vs Drake tickets

    possibly WTB tickets to HyVee Classic Drake game. Anyone have some decent seats for a fair price if I can swing getting there? thanks
  14. coolmooinlou

    "Comparing Iowa State basketball over the past three seasons"

    Thought this was a pretty good article. Sorry if already posted.
  15. coolmooinlou

    WTB: WTB:One ticket for either Jan 18 OK or Jan 22nd KS

    In town for a few days later this month and would love to enjoy an evening of Hilton Magic (basketball was still being played in The Armory during my student years!) Needing just one ticket to either the Oklahoma rematch on the 18th or Kansas on the 22nd. Thanks