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    FS: 2 on the 45 for TCU + C4 parking pass

    Section W Row 6 - 45 yard line Seat backs Seats 31 and 32 C4 parking - PM with offers
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    FS: 2 on the 45 for Texas with seatbacks

    Two tickets with Seat backs o the 45 yard line just above the jack trice club Section W Row 6 Seats 31 and 32 With seatbacks C4 Parking Pass PM for more information / or with offers
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    FS: SOLD- 2 on the 45 for okie state

    Two tickets on the 45 yard line for Oklahoma state Sec W Row 6 Seats 31 and 32 with seat backs C4 parking pass Venmo or PayPal Pm offers
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    FS: SOLD - 2 for KU - sec W/ row6 - 45 yrd line

    Section W Row 6 Seats 31 and 32 (45 yard line) Seat backs C4 parking pass PM with offers.
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    FS: SOLD -C4 parking pass - Iowa game

    C4 parking pass Paved lot
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    FS: Sold - 2 tickets to the iowa game +c4 parking

    Section W Row 6 Seats 31 and 32 Seat backs C4 parking Donor seats and parking. Seats are on the 45 yard line Parking lot is paved.
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    FS: 2 tickets UNI. 45 yard line

    2 tickets Section w Row 6 Seats 31 and 32 (two in from the aisle) Seat backs C4 parking pass $200
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    Flight booked to Vegas for the Game!

    Allegiant has the dates listed - booked a ready.
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    Contrarian take - special teams

    In big 12 play, Iowa State’s special teams have been a net positive. Bad OSU - 2 missed field goals - lose by 3 Good - do we win these games without: OU - Kene KO return Baylor - Kene KO return and blocked punt Texas - stopped a fake punt
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    FS: NO LONGER AVAILABLE - 2 Tickets for Oklahoma + Parking pass

    Section W row 12 C4 parking pass
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    FS: 2 Drake Tickets and C4 parking pass

    2 Drake FB tickets section W row 6 Parking Pass section C4
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    Men's Basketball - Drop off area?

    I plan on attending a few Basketball games this year. I don't have a parking pass, so I won't park close. I plan on taking my Dad to a couple - he is in his late 70s and the long walks can wear him out. Is there a place I can drop him off close to Hilton before I park so he doesn't have to...
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    RV parking pass question

    I am gold level donor. What are the chances of getting a football RV parking pass next year? Thinking of buying an RV for tailgating, but don't want to if the chances of getting a pass are slim to none.
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    Vegas watch party?

    in Vegas this weekend - any other "fanatics" gonna be there?. If so - where you all watching the game?
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    Ohio State and Louisville - 13th data point

    This week CFP rankings may have Ohio State and Louisville in the top 4 ahead of Clemson and Penn State. However, Ohio State and Louisville can both win out and not be in their conference championship games. Clemson is in if they win out, and Penn State is in if they win out and Ohio State...
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    Iowa board response when Purdue fan asked about cyclones

    First- Iona scares me and I am in no way looking ahead. I was checking out the iowa boards to see what they thought of their draw ( yes I root for the other Iowa schools when the are not playing the Cyclones). Purdue fan asked board what they thought of a potential Purdue and Iowa state match...
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    Random thoughts on the season....

    1 – Naz Long is missed 2 – Someone needs to tell Nader he is - at best - the 3rd or 4th option. My opinion - he more like the 6th best player on the team. 3 – Thomas and Morris are Juniors and contributed as underclassmen…where (or who) are the sophomores and Freshman on this team...
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    Dylan Powell - 2016 OL

    Haven't seen him mentioned in other posts, but may have missed it. Former Purdue commit. Other offers Virginia Tech, Georfia Tech, and Stanford. VT, Stanford and Iowa State are his top 3.
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    Realignment - BCS logic?

    I am just throwing this out there. I know its all about the money (or perception of more money) but Neither the BCS or conference realignment make sense. BCS-Why does the NCAA outsource its football championship and allow 3rd parties (Bowl Committees) to make millions (10s , 100s of...