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  1. Gunnerclone

    When the Browns Job Opens up How Worried will you be?

    I think if Cleveland doesn’t make the playoffs this year that job will come open. I would have a moderate level of worry that CMC will take it. What does everyone else think?
  2. Gunnerclone

    SUCKTEMBER: Matt Campbell Teams not ready to start the season.

    Now that we’re in to Brocktober I think it’s a good time to reflect on another ISU football tradition: SUCKtember. There is no good explanation for our struggles other than a lack of preparation and the failure of the coaching staff to make the necessary adjustments to JUST WIN. “The process”...
  3. Gunnerclone

    More annoying loss so far this year POLL

    Personally, I’m having a harder time getting over the loss to Baylor. WTF were we doing?
  4. Gunnerclone

    Jared’s hot take on the FART

    Jared’s hot take: I’d like to see ISU get the ball first and go on a 6 minute drive and just give them death by a thousand cuts all day. BETTER IDEA: If ISU wants to make the playoff, we need to win every game by as much as possible. We need style points, we need huge stats and hype. I’d like...
  5. Gunnerclone

    Who is your Overrated/Overhyped Team for 2021?

    Mine is UNC. Bold prediction: they don’t make it to the ACC Title game against Clemson.
  6. Gunnerclone

    Can Someone Explain this OU Defense Hype Train to me?

    Seems like one of those “someone started this narrative and the pump up machine did it’s job”…but what is the basis for it?
  7. Gunnerclone

    ***OFFICIAL***CF Prediction Thread - Iowa State vs Iowa

    A little early maybe but it’s certainly the first big hurdle of the season. Now that we have the AP rankings I think it’s time to start getting ready. CFB is back.
  8. Gunnerclone

    The role of Disney+ in conference realignment Seeing this news got me thinking about what Disney’s (ESPN) plans and vision are for CFB. We’ve seen that streaming services need to have continued subscriber growth to be profitable to shareholders...
  9. Gunnerclone

    “Feel Some Kind of Way”

    What say you CF?
  10. Gunnerclone

    Where Will ISU End Up if the Big 12 Implodes?

    Many choices, some good, some disastrous.
  11. Gunnerclone

    Why do journalists and the media think anyone cares about this NIL stuff?

    Feel like they all think they are being hot-take edgelords when no one but themselves really give a ****. I think they just see content content content with this thing but it’s boring. Thanks for giving us none of what we want and everything we don’t ask for, including Rick from New Sharon. Im...
  12. Gunnerclone

    US Open Week

    Playing at a classic course at Torrey Pines. Phil is the big story coming in but I don’t think he is in contention. Dechambeau is probably the favorite with the setup (skinny fairways, crazy tall rough). Morikawa is my “sleeper” pick. Rahm is the only non-major champion that I see with a chance.
  13. Gunnerclone

    Severe Weather Thread 5/26/21 - MDT Risk

    Bullseye is NW KS and SW NE. Strong tornadoes possible in a great chasing area. Day 1 Convective Outlook
  14. Gunnerclone

    Another Southern US MDT Severe Risk Day (4/9)

    Looks like the tornado threat isn’t as high as a couple weeks ago, but usually a MDT convective outlook is a pretty sure sign there’s going to be some significant action. Could get some Matt Lauban WTVA (Tupelo, MS) action if you’re in to watching local live coverage like I am...
  15. Gunnerclone

    Potential Tornado Super-Outbreak Today (non-Midwest)

    Haven’t seen things lining up like this in awhile. Target area is the usual early spring areas: MS, AL, TN Valley, all the way up to the Ohio Valley. For anyone that watches live coverage from other areas, I like James Spann on ABC 33/40 out of Birmingham and Matt Laubach out of WTVA in Tupelo...
  16. Gunnerclone

    Gunner’s NHL plays of the day

    -TOR vs. VAN - Mathews (TOR) - first goal scorer -TOR vs VAN - Marner (TOR) - anytime goal scorer -TOR vs VAN - UNDER 6 Crucial Hockey tip- Wait until lines are confirmed before placing wagers on hockey. Guys get scratched all of the time for minor crap/rest days
  17. Gunnerclone

    CIML News: Looks Like The Suburban Conference Thing Is Happening Faster Than I expected

    It’s also happening in the reverse fashion of how I thought it would go down.
  18. Gunnerclone

    Anyone else hearing that JP has already decided Prohm is coming back?

    Just heard this from a guy that hits on probably 50/50 on the rumors he tells me. He’s hearing that Prohm isn’t going to just go along with this “mutual parting” and Pollard is worried about shaking up the AD and affecting football in front of a potentially huge 2021 season.
  19. Gunnerclone

    ISU Coaching Poll

    So I’ll try to include all the names I’ve seen thrown around more than once.