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  1. tyrelrobert

    Big Ten and Pac-12 cancel 2020 fall football seasons

    wonder what his reaction will be when the teams kneel:mccaffery:
  2. tyrelrobert

    Question internet in central Iowa

    Great! I was hoping I could just use the same modem with WiFi off. Thanks for the info
  3. tyrelrobert

    Question internet in central Iowa

    Anyone with CL and google WiFi? What modems work with it? There are far more options for cable modems compared to DSL
  4. tyrelrobert

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Holy crap he is a giant tool.
  5. tyrelrobert

    Ideas on what causes this tree damage?

    Not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure it is from water getting under the bark and then the freeze/thaw breaks it open
  6. tyrelrobert

    2021 Football Targets

    We will not be stopped on 4th and 1 again
  7. tyrelrobert

    Athletic article on what Clemson learned from Heacock
  8. tyrelrobert

    2019-20 FB Coaching Carousel & Rumors

    Northern Colorado is i doubt he would drop down
  9. tyrelrobert

    2019-20 FB Coaching Carousel & Rumors

    His son is the backup at Nebraska that everyone wants to be the starter. Any chance he transfers to be with dad?
  10. tyrelrobert

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    What does that even matter. How many of those dt's are getting double teamed on every play? It's pointless to compare 4-3 DT to 3-4 NG stats
  11. tyrelrobert

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    He is too busy looking at stats for defensive tackles to somehow prove that their defensive tackles are better than Lima. Lol
  12. tyrelrobert

    Luke Anderson and Marcedus Leech have entered the transfer portal

    Let's see how many high level transfers fred brings in now. The transfer game isn't even close to how it was back when fred started getting them. Fred should definitely get credit for cornering the market back then but comparing 2013 to 2019 is night and day.
  13. tyrelrobert

    (Update: coach fired) Florida State eyeing Urban Meyer and Brian Kelly

    So on top of the 23 million in other buyouts they would pay another 9 million and then pay Campbell around 5 per?? No chance
  14. tyrelrobert

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    Any reason why?
  15. tyrelrobert

    Iowa Football Recruiting

    What happened with him? There has to be more than what is being talked about?
  16. tyrelrobert

    Updated USA Today Coaches Salaries List

    How is Brian Kelly only making 1.6 million???
  17. tyrelrobert


    That is going to be tough to get listeners I would imagine. If I am going to listen to a sports betting podcast, I would want one with an actual expert. Not just a guy that does it in his free time.
  18. tyrelrobert


    I wish it had games archived to go back and watch. I would love to go back and watch whole seasons
  19. tyrelrobert

    CF Chronicles: Larry's Last Days

    Jared went on vacation right after the 1st episode. I think he said he would get the 2nd done as soon as he got back or shortly after