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    South Dakota State recruit

    I just finished watching a semifinal game of the SD State AA girls BB tournament. Macy Miller from Mitchell is quite a player. She is going to SDSU next year. First cousin of NBA player,Mike Miller. Her dad Alan, set the state record for collegiate scoring in the 80's. She seems to play a...
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    Anna Prins De Hamer

    Today is the big day for Anna & Ryan. They will be saying their vows in Broomfield, CO, sometime during the second half of today's game. Pop, Z & Jessica Schroll are bridesmaids. Unlike the "I Will" that was heard around the world, the "I Do's" will not get the same exposure...
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    Pop's first game with the Storm

    The Seattle Storm played an exhibition game yesterday. Pop played 12:40 minutes and was 2 of 4 from the field and had 3 RB, 1 steal, 3 TO and a foul.
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    Streaming WBB to the TV

    I am interested in streaming the Clonezone broadcasts to our TV wirelessly and am wondering if the Blue Ray DVD players or home theatre systems that offer WiFi will allow this. They advertise connecting to Youtube and Facebook, but does that mean you can browse the net on the TV? I know I...
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    WBB: ISU vs Arkansas - Pine Bluff

    Anna Prins will not be playing today due to illness.
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    Matt Heber '11

    Is on the radar. Recently the MVP in the second class of 10 out of 40 teams at a national tournament. From a writeup on the tournament: Matt Heber was selected by Coach Gibbs as his team’s MVP. Heber had 20 points, six rebounds and 4 blocks in the semifinal game and 18 points, 9...
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    Anna Prins - CO Player of the Year

    Announced a few days ago. Here is a link to Denver post. Girls All-Colorado and All-State - The Denver Post There is a related story link near the top. "Best of the Best, Ms Basketball...."