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  1. t-noah game replay

    How long do I have to wait to watch the UNI video replay on Is it one or two days? Thanks! Honestly I didn't watch any of the BB game replays last year, so I sort of forgot.
  2. t-noah

    Laugh with Norm McDonald...

    We'll be all business with football soon, so here's a little more Norm. I like his one about Germany in particular. Give us your favorite 'Norm'.
  3. t-noah

    Preseason Hype! Is it Football yet?!

    Guys, you have to watch this again!!! The whole video here. If this doesn't get you pumped up for the season, nothing will! I had this in the campbellism thread, but it wasn't getting any looks. It's so exciting to see 'the Process', Campbell's inspriration, and how this team/program has grown...
  4. t-noah

    Laugh with Frank Caliendo

    We could use a few laughs about now, all this happening to Big 12, realignment, college football. Here's Frank. Always makes me laugh. Love the one on Bill Walton especially at about 6:20. 20 FUNNIEST Frank Caliendo IMPRESSIONS - YouTube
  5. t-noah

    Here’s How Much Oklahoma QB Spencer Rattler Is Charging For Autographs

    Here’s How Much Oklahoma QB Spencer Rattler Is Charging For Autographs ( If there is more room to hate OU, this is another reason. I've got nothing against NIL; it's going to need tweaking though (probably in a major way). Spencer Rattler doing this is just more irritating, especially...
  6. t-noah

    RB Eli Sanders, how good can he be?

    Can we start getting excited about Eli? How good do you think he will be? Will he see the field this season as a Freshman? Will he be the starting RB next year and who will be his main competition after Breece leaves? Chandler's Eli Sanders Goes In-Depth on Iowa State Commitment - Bing video Eli...
  7. t-noah

    Antivirus software creator John McAfee found dead

    Antivirus software creator John McAfee found dead in Spanish prison cell, authorities say / Twitter Well known American antivirus creator was in Spanish prison awaiting extradition to America on apparent tax evasion and fraud. RIP.
  8. t-noah

    Pics of your long hair since Covid...

    I'll get it started. Here I am, with absolutely no hair cuts since 4/2020! My beard REALLY took off! :p Edit: Moderators please Delete. Wrong thread section. My bad. (Edit 2: OK now)
  9. t-noah

    Similarities: Matt Campbell v Gary Pinkel...

    ...Both coached at Toledo. Both took head coaching jobs at B12 schools (Iowa State and Missouri respectively) and brought those schools to national prominence. Are there any other similarities in their backgrounds, coaching or otherwise? It seems coincidental, maybe anecdotal that they have...
  10. t-noah

    Your Hero(s) - Memorial Day Tribute

    Who is your Hero? I thought it would be nice to remember or honor those of us who have served, sacrificed, and for some - paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I would say one of my Heroes is my Uncle. He served in the Army Air Corps during WWII, flying B-17 command bomber pilot missions...
  11. t-noah

    Sand Art, including ISU!

    Anyone know the story behind this guy? Amazing sand art. I'd hate to drop or shake one of his creations! FallingInSand (@fallinginsand) / Twitter Iowa State Athletics (@CycloneATH) / Twitter Iowa State Athletics (@CycloneATH) / Twitter
  12. t-noah

    Good article on Otz (during 1st year at UNLV)

    I had read this a week or two before the Prohm firing and thought it quite interesting. Now that he is our guy I wanted to find it again and re-read it. He is definitely a hard worker. A couple of quotes I...
  13. t-noah

    Question on Official Announcement of TJ hire...

    After viewing JP's video today, someone want to help me on the timeline of the actual hire? Did JP say he finalized the hire last night (Wed.), saying TJ actually finished thinking about it, then officially said 'yes' to the offer last night? Or did I hear that wrong? I don't get it. We've...
  14. t-noah

    KC Chiefs Thread 2020-21

    Thought I'd start new thread here for remainder of 20-21 season. Good win today against Dolphins. They are up and coming I think.
  15. t-noah

    CycloneFanatic ISU Men's BB Schedule

    Why is it incomplete? No start times are present, Iowa is not even on it. Here is our schedule from, up to date start times, etc., Iowa not left off...
  16. t-noah

    ISU Campus Tour w Chase Allen & David Montgomery...

    ...from 5/2017, YouTube. Short and sweet. They did a nice job. Chase must have started growing his hair about this time, ha.
  17. t-noah

    STANZ: Upsets are so 1960. Iowa State is shooting for the moon.

    Forgive if already posted, but I didn't see it. I think Jared deserves a Thread for this one! Great article Jared! Very well written IMO!! It would be nice if the Cyclones could land on the moon...
  18. t-noah

    Media reacts to Iowa State upsetting Oklahoma

    Scroll down a bit. Some nice clips of game and fan reaction. I especially liked the 2nd video clip, Soehner to Allen! Definitely will be on the highlight reel for the year!
  19. t-noah

    The 10 biggest Steals in the 2019 Draft

    ...of which D. Montgomery is in this guys top 10 list! Might have to root for the Bears just a little now, eww! Sorry if this is already in another thread, but...
  20. t-noah

    1957 BB squad ( and Gary Thompson) vs. KU and Wilt the Stilt

    Boy wouldn't it be great to see some film on Gary Thompson, the Roland Rocket? That was just a few years before my time, and after seeing this vid on YouTube, I realized I've never even seen videos (none at that time) or film on this great Cyclone. That was a different game back then, in...