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  1. redrocker

    Red's Place in Breda burns

    Got an email from family members this morning. Sad news, it was a great bar. :sad:Carroll Broadcasting - Early Morning Fire At Red's Place In Breda
  2. redrocker

    Jack Trice - Home vs. Visitor's Sidelines

    Why is it, ISU picks the east side and has to stare into the sun. Even at Kinnick this weekend, our side line was forced to stare into the sun. Isn't that some sort of advantage that we should have at Jack Trice? I know we have always been on the east side line, but why?
  3. redrocker

    Denver Trip

    I just got back from some meetings in Denver. I got to go to my first NBA game, the Nuggets vs Timberwolves. I thought a good Hilton crowd would put them to shame. I am sure that during playoffs or a heated rivalry, the crowd is really into it. If you are ever in Denver, you must go to the...
  4. redrocker

    Iron Butt Riders - Motorcycle

    This past weekend I completed my first Iron Butt Ride. I did the Saddle Sore 1,000, which was 1,000 miles in less than 24 hours. I left Ames at 3:07 am and drove to DSM - Davenport - Peoria, IL - Springfield, IL - St. Louis, MO - Kansas City, MO - Omaha, NE - DSM, and back to Ames. I got back to...
  5. redrocker

    Bud Light likes Iowa State?

    Look what I found at the Grocery Store today in Ames
  6. redrocker


    My ISU plates on my car were vandalized last night. Bent all up. Anyone else had this happen to them? Wish I would catch the punk that did this.:realmad:
  7. redrocker

    Season Tickets

    When are the season tickets supposed to be mailed?
  8. redrocker

    NFL: Is Culpeper next in line for the Chiefs?

    I called this one awhile ago when I heard nobody else wanted him Victoria Advocate - Is Culpepper next in line for Chiefs?
  9. redrocker

    ISU Wrestling Golf Outing

    Anyone else doing this? I did it last year and it was a great time. The coaches and wrestlers were all there. Cael jumped in and golfed 3 holes with the group that I was in. It is Friday June 20th.
  10. redrocker

    Help: Removing Pictures from the Picture Gallary

    How do you remove pictures from your gallary?
  11. redrocker

    New JTS Lawn

    For those who were cracking on the field at the spring game, have no fear. Important - Everybody needs to remember that as much as we like seeing progress at JTC, it is still an active construction site and NOBODY should be going into/onto any part of the construction site...
  12. redrocker

    Who Likes History?

    How many old timers remember this (I was born in the early 70's so I don't). On Wednesday we were working on a building in Slater. We got into the atic and found this old bottle. It is says Drink ABC Beverages. Which ABC is Ames Bottling Company. The date on the bottle itself was 1952. So I did...
  13. redrocker

    Jack Trice Stadium Pics

    I stopped out to check on the crew we have working at the stadium and snapped some pictures for those that do not see it everyday. West Side of Stadium looking North (notice the 2 new suites) West Side of Stadium South end of South Suites West Side of Stadium new...
  14. redrocker

    Scoreboard Picture

    Who has the picture of the scoreboard from the Iowa State vs. Iowa game in 2007?? I just want a copy of it.
  15. redrocker

    Buying a Computer Hard Drive

    I want to know the best place you have found (either at a store or on-line) for buying an external hard drive. I want to be able to back up my pictures and get them off of my computer.
  16. redrocker

    Strange Picture

    I found this on Ebay. It is a program from 1985. Can anyone explain the different color helments (why)? Also, I did not think it was called Cyclone Stadium and Jack Trice field back then.
  17. redrocker

    Nutty Buddy

    Anyone else here about Dan Patrick talking about the "Nutty Buddy"? The newest product for protecting the family jewels. YouTube - The Nutty Buddy
  18. redrocker

    ESPN story

    Good story on ESPN about the meet this weekend. ESPN - Coaching changes bring back spark to Iowa State-Iowa wrestling - College Sports
  19. redrocker

    Wrestling Links

    I was wanting to know what some good NCAA Wrestling links were, to get information. Thanks
  20. redrocker

    Stadium Update *photos*

    Here are some that I snapped this morning. I know that some of you were dying for an update.