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  1. cychhosis

    Big 12 Elimination Competition. Week 1

    Baylor win OU/KSU POINTS TCU lowest
  2. cychhosis

    ***2020-2021 College Football Survivor Week 3***

    1. GA Southern 2. Troy 3. Baylor
  3. cychhosis

    ***2020-2021 College Football Survivor Week 2***

    Week 1: Georgia S. week 2: Troy
  4. cychhosis

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    OL was a big talking point when Campbell’s Toledo teams played ISU. Head scratching.
  5. cychhosis

    ***2020-2021 College Football Survivor Week 1***

    Georgia Southern Eagles soar! Honestly saw the FCS post after I picked, but if you’re letting it slide I’ll stick to my pick.
  6. cychhosis

    Wrong headline - buffalo - human encounter

    And her pants readily come off...
  7. cychhosis

    Beetle vs Frog

    There are no winners here.
  8. cychhosis

    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    Last of of the dinosaurs ? This is my meteorite.
  9. cychhosis

    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    39 years teaching, last 4 have been part-time. All my classes are hands-on (welding, small engines, carpentry, electricity & plumbing). None of the school options were acceptable to me. I’ll be 64 in November & my social security will equal my salary. I’m out, but I feel horrible for teachers...
  10. cychhosis

    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    Des Moines Public today: Therefore, Des Moines Public Schools is working on the following changes to our Return to Learn plan: Delay the start of the school year to shortly after Labor Day. Professional Development days currently scheduled throughout the year would be held prior to the start...
  11. cychhosis

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    I always work into the conversation that my ISU education has served me well.
  12. cychhosis

    College Football Season Death Pool

  13. cychhosis

    A Cyclone legend has passed away...

    RIP Vaughn.
  14. cychhosis

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Is Barta smart enough to sack KF for misconduct, and avoid a big payout?
  15. cychhosis

    On That Note: Busted Rhymes

    Alice Cooper-no effort: School’s Out “We can’t even think of a word to rhyme!”
  16. cychhosis

    Play of the Year

    ‘78? Luther Blue ko return for TD vs Neb.
  17. cychhosis

    Festivus: Airing of Grievances

    I’ve gotta lotta problems with you people, use your turn signals and not five feet before your left hand turn!
  18. cychhosis

    Black Friday-What are you buying?

    Club soda labs under laundromats.
  19. cychhosis

    OT: Cord cutting questions

    So as an old guy (not super techie, but not an idiot), planning to cut: buying 65” TCL, Roku stick for other TVs & YTTV. From this thread I conclude I will get most Cyclone events & a decent line-up. Change my mind.
  20. cychhosis

    The Insider Information Weekly Mailbag - Questions Submission

    What would be the current state of ISU BB if they hired Mike Krzyzewski instead of J. O. ?