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  1. clone4life82

    Any experience with CrossFit?

    Hey all, looking to whip myself back into shape. Over the last year I’ve let my health slide with a lack of exercise and was wondering what experience people had with CrossFit? I’ve done farrells and kosama before and they were good. Used to Play basketball regularly but it doesn’t look...
  2. clone4life82

    Fishing kayaks

    Anyone have any experience with fishing kayaks? Live in Ankeny and wouldn’t mind having one so I could go drop a line and catch a few walleye in big creek. I’m wondering what everyone’s experience is with them. What kind they have, size, stability, comfort, things they like about them or...
  3. clone4life82

    Adding an egress window to basement for bedroom

    Hey all, out basement is already finished and we have two egress windows in it already however there is a bedroom down there that does not have an egress window that we’d like to put one in (bedroom is completely finished minus that). Wondering what kind of cost we’re looking at for this to...
  4. clone4life82

    Problems with tulips

    Not a green thumb so turning to all you landscape and hort gurus on CF... we plant tulips in some landscaping a few years back. The first year they looked great. Second year, less flowered. Third yea the same. This year we have less than five flowers. Wondering what’s going on? Anyone have...
  5. clone4life82

    Planting trees near buried power lines

    Since there’s likely a bunch of horticulturists and electrical engineers on the site, I thought it’s be best to ask here. I have some buried power lines (and century link and mediacom) running along the back edge of my back yard where I’d like to plant a tree or two for shading purposes as well...
  6. clone4life82

    Truck buying recommendations

    Hey all, figure there are a ton of truck owners on here and everyone probably needs a break from talking about the game yesterday so I should get some decent advice. I’ve owned a Toyota Camry for 10 years now and our other vehicle is a Pacifica. Looking at upgrading to something with a little...
  7. clone4life82

    cordless power tools suggestions

    looking for suggestions for battery powered tools.... I have a dewalt 14.4 v drill that's lasted me the better part of 15 years however it's on it's last leg. That coupled with we have a gas powered weed wacker that has seen it's final days. It'd be nice to have a leaf blower. I have a real...
  8. clone4life82

    Texas game time ?

    Can anybody shed some light on what the game time is for tomorrow? Ticket says 5:00pm however the cyclonefanatic schedule says 6:00pm?
  9. clone4life82

    Let's say...

    ISU beats KU and TTU and falls to TCU and WVU. That puts the boys at 4-8 on the season. Looking back at what you knew about this team before the season started would you have considered that a success? a push? or a disappointment? I'm curious how everyone feels. In all honesty, I was...
  10. clone4life82

    Fred on the front of ESPN's mens NCAA page
  11. clone4life82

    Nash's finger

    Anyone have any video of it? Looked like he dislocated it from my vantage point. Just wanted to see how gruesome it was
  12. clone4life82

    Hit on the Bengals punter

    Anyone else see it? BRUTAL. Broken Jaw. Dude's going to need some serious face reconfiguration after that one. (quick note, I don't normally care about either the steelers or the bengals but have some serious fantasy football implications on this game).
  13. clone4life82

    Team stats

    Just a quick glance at the team stats:Right now, ISU is -4th in the nation in scoring at 91.8 ppg, -5th in the nation in rebounds at 46.7 rpg -3rd in the nation in assists per game at 20.5 apg -5th in the nation in Asst/TO ratio at 1.84 -5th in the nation in 3pts made/game (4th in...
  14. clone4life82

    West Des Moines School District...

    Anyone have any ties to the staff? I have a relative that's looking into a position in the admin staff and they were curious if I knew any of the people higher up in the admin staff. Any help would be appreciated!
  15. clone4life82

    In line for a new dishwasher

    The wife and I decided that we need to bite the bullet and purchase a new dishwasher. Anyone have any good (or bad) luck with any certain make/model?
  16. clone4life82

    God help us when the Knotts stop having kids....

    Thought Luke looked promising tonight. Needs to beef up a bit but he'll be a good one for the next four years.
  17. clone4life82

    Feel Sorry for the Sooners

    They're in for a world of hurt come Saturday. That is all
  18. clone4life82

    Baylors last 5 games

    @ Okla @ WVU KSU @ Tex KU .... Is it crazy to think they may not win one game the rest of the year???
  19. clone4life82

    600 + yards....

    The offense was awful today but let's put some perspective to it. That was probably the worst Defensive performance we've seen all year. No team is going to win many games when they give up 600+ yds. Our line got pushed around on both sides of the ball.
  20. clone4life82

    Calipari just mentioned us on Mike and Mike

    He was asked how he got his boys how to respond against Kansas' run in the game last night and he said it's not the first time it happened to them and that Iowa state gave them a run late in the game and louisville gave them a run too. Even though I hate Calipari, it was nice to hear him...