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  1. wenkeej

    YouTube TV

    Going up to $65/month and I still won't get my Fox Sports Midwest back. But thank goodness I can now watch the Kardashians......
  2. wenkeej

    Goodfellas or Shawshank Redemption

    Watching out the window for helicopters while typing that?
  3. wenkeej

    Best Web Browser

    My favorite part of surfing the internet has always been manning the helm while watching the shooting stars.
  4. wenkeej

    ****Official Class of 2020 Recruiting Thread****

    Matt was a starter from day one on campus that got benched because of his lack of production and tendency to step on the sideline when catching a ball. Look at his 3pt% his first two years vs his last two years. And he only got run in the starting 5 because Naz shut it down with his hip problems.
  5. wenkeej

    ****Official Class of 2020 Recruiting Thread****

    To add to that comment... People seem to forget (or ignore because of recency bias) how far Matty Ice and 3sus came from their freshman year to when they graduated.
  6. wenkeej

    Friday OT - It's Breakfast Time!

    RIP Cyclone Truck Stop. Greatest place to eat breakfast at 2am. They had a dish called the Smoker Tortilla that was awesome, especially if you want lots of meat and cheese for breakfast.
  7. wenkeej

    YouTube TV

    I concur. You can reorder the channels on your phone/mobile device but it is kind of tricky and trends to jump around when dragging them. It is really simple on the computer and much easier to see everything. I can't do it from my TV using my Roku. It tells me to log in on my computer to do it.
  8. wenkeej

    Haliburton NBA

    Hard to make your teammates better when they either miss wide open shots or fumble the ball for a turnover. That seems to happen a lot. Reminds me a little of when Royce White was here, except he had a more talent around him. I can remember discussions surrounding White going to the NBA and...
  9. wenkeej

    Looking for ratings/reviews on YouTube TV

    I switched from DirecTV to YTTV a couple months ago and don't plan on going back. Two things of note: 1. It doesn't have the NFL channel. Didn't notice it until the end of the season when the NFL started showing games on it. Not a deal breaker for me, just annoying. 2. No one on this...
  10. wenkeej

    ***Official ISU Bowl Predictions***

    Isn't that the guy from Jackass?
  11. wenkeej

    FS: Free - ISU vs Iowa Wrestling Passes GONE

    I have 2 general admission passes for the ISU/Iowa wrestling match Sunday. Free to the first Cyclone fan wanting to cheer the Clones to a victory over the Iowa. I'm not going to be able to go. PM if interested and I can transfer them to you.
  12. wenkeej

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS #9 Oklahoma Game(Day) Thread ***

    I'm hanging my hat on being the best distance running school in the Big 12.:D
  13. wenkeej

    51 partly cloudy

    The Weather Channel forecasted partly sunny and low 70s at the beginning of the day of the Iowa game.
  14. wenkeej

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS West Virginia Game(Day) Thread ***

    It's DirecTV. I fired up the ESPN app and it the sound was fine. Again, DirecTV..... :mad:
  15. wenkeej

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS West Virginia Game(Day) Thread ***

    Same here. DirecTV..... :mad:
  16. wenkeej

    3 and out stats???

    I remember yelling "DRAW" before the snap from the student section on 3rd downs during the early Mac era. And we were almost always right.
  17. wenkeej

    Who will be the guest picker?

    I totally forgot about Seth Freaking Rollins. Having the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion would be pretty cool! As far as I know he's never shown an allegiance.
  18. wenkeej

    Who will be the guest picker?

    See the hatred for TOE. Even Michael Bolton and Samir Nagona-nagona-nagonaworkhereanymore are in on it.
  19. wenkeej

    Who will be the guest picker?

    I'm all for Ron Livingston. No one has brought him up yet.