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  1. Cyclonepride

    Big 12 rules change on traveling "“There’s certain moves that have filtered down over the years and we really wanted the rules...
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    AI generated movie posters

    Thought this was pretty cool. I got about half of them, and most make sense when you know the answer and look at them a while.
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    Site being upgraded

    The last hour or two have been hit or miss. Got in, came back for a "site being upgraded" message. Then it would work. Then it just had a white screen fatal exception message or something like that. Anyone else having issues?
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    Mythical Beast: The Van Meter Visitor

    Saw a map (that I cannot attach :rolleyes:) of mythical beasts of the US on Reddit, and had never heard of it, so I looked it up. Here's the Reddit thread: And here's a story about the Van Meter Visitor specifically...
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    Jake Knott interview on WRNL podcast

    I'm sure it's being discussed somewhere, but I think it could be missed, and it shouldn't be. A really open and honest discussion of the struggles he had.
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    Basketball preseason predictions

    List your predictions for: Record MVP Newcomer Surprise player I'll go first 18-12 Kalscheur Hinson Conditt
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    You may be able to breathe through your butt "For the first time, researchers have proof that intestinal breathing can occur in mammals — albeit, with a little intervention. When the research team injected either gaseous or liquid oxygen into the rectums of both...
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    Roku may end agreement with YouTube TV "Roku is warning its customers with YouTube TV subscriptions that the service could go dark in the coming days due to what it calls Google’s “predatory” and “monopoly” behavior. In a...
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    Anyone else playing (Viking survival/crafting game for those who don't know)? It's probably my favorite game in the last couple years, even though I'm not huge on survival and crafting. The exploration, pacing and the pretty amazing building engine have me hooked.
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    Dad, How Do I? Youtube channel

    Just really, really cool.
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    Empire of Sin game

    I've been looking forward to this since I first heard about it, but with it releasing on December 1st, some of the first hands-on reviews are coming out, and now I cannot wait. My favorite genres are turn based strategy, grand strategy, RPG and management games, and this one rolls them all into...
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    Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame passes away

    This sucks. Always thought he was smart and funny, and seemed like a pretty genuine person.
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    Jamie Pollard letter on falls sports

    Good, informative, and well reasoned, IMO. "I feel it is imperative and timely to clarify the reasons why we are doing everything in our power to try and safely play college sports this fall. Some people have incorrectly framed the issue as safety versus revenue generation. The simple fact...
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    Is there anything worth watching on Apple TV?

    Our company just bought new Macbooks, and each of us get a free 12 month subscription. Just curious if there's anything to watch? Also, is it all original content?
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    Friday OT 2: What do you do to keep a positive outlook?

    Since everyone has surely gone through a lot of stress this year, I thought this might be interesting and useful. What do you do to relieve stress or to keep yourself positive? I have a few things: 1. Focus on things that I can control. If you have no control over something, then what's the...
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    Monster Train game

    For anyone who likes Slay the Spire, or similar card based games, I just got Monster Train. Slay the Spire is excellent, and this one is as good, and might be better. It's built around the same idea, but with some interesting twists. You build your monster/spell deck between rounds, and then...
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    Old World (Civ-like 4x game)

    Haven't been opted into the gaming & hobbies forum, so thought I would place this here. Just stumbled across the Old World video game (Epic game store). The lead designer made Civilization IV. It's in early access, but the game is mostly complete (they just need to add a bunch more events...
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    John Walters is taking Cyclones.TV requests on Twitter

    Very cool idea, booking suggested games for everyone to have something to watch during this sports desert we're about to go through.
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    Castle Rock, season 2

    Anyone watching this on Hulu? Season 1 was pretty good, but season 2 blows that away. Very intense.