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  1. burn587

    Only One NonCon Game

    Not even some pondering, it’d be like a paid scrimmage that may help save your athletic department.
  2. burn587

    Ball state added to Schedule

    Honestly, I would put the odds of a championship happening at 1 in 100 right now.
  3. burn587

    Ball state added to Schedule

    My money would be on the big 12 just having a home and home between rivals. OU/OSU, Texas/Any other Texas school, the other two Texas schools, KU/KSU and ISU/WVU would all be home and homes.
  4. burn587

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Jesus, that would be typical Barta to have a million dollar settlement with no NDA. That guy is the incompetent gift that keeps on giving.
  5. burn587

    Ball state added to Schedule

    Randy with his typical level of insight.
  6. burn587

    Tight End U

    I refer to those as the “Paul Rhoads knows jack **** about offense and is throwing anything against the wall to see if it sticks” years.
  7. burn587

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    This isn’t a trial in the criminal defense system, it’s an investigation of systemic racism inside a football program. The burden of proof is much lower and trying to smear accusers in the court of public opinion is something that is way beneath a state university.
  8. burn587

    Thoughts for CW...

    He’s had the **** end of the stick with illnesses. I believe he had Scarlet Fever a while back, which can be very dangerous.
  9. burn587

    Thoughts for CW...

    This is the kind of movie that would’ve been green lit for a straight to video Disney release in the 90s. “The Sportsbook Picking, Radio Hosting Clarinda Walk-on.” Get better buddy, kick the Rona right in the taint.
  10. burn587

    Neighborhood Cats

    You know they make toilets, right?
  11. burn587

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    I don’t buy it either. If they announced “Kirk has scheduled a press conference at 2” I’d wonder if he was stepping down. But since a handful of players are being made available for the media I assume it’ll be another Kirk mea culpa (without actually acknowledging anything), then detailing what...
  12. burn587

    Wins over/under for Each Big12 Team

    Yes, he was playing on two bum ankles.
  13. burn587

    Futureman on Hulu

    It’s a quick watch and at times very hilarious. Not the most consistent show in the world but you won’t regret watching it.
  14. burn587

    Futureman on Hulu

    Not to dissuade you but the show takes a decline in quality after the first season. Still funny, but it wasn’t a concept that leant itself to multiple seasons IMO. The 3rd season seemed to realize this and wrapped itself up nicely. I hope the guy that plays Wolf moves onto more high profile...
  15. burn587

    Futureman on Hulu

    Season 3 debuted last week and there is a surprising amount of ISU love in it. An entire episode takes place on campus and one of the characters wears a ISU hoodie in a few episodes. Was surprising to say the least.
  16. burn587

    Ames High hires new Football Coach

    Ames definitely took a step back from its glory days, but that had more to do with the changing demographics of the town and a lot of university employees (and therefore their kids) choosing not to live in Ames itself. Bruce was a definite improvement from Jimmy Burrow, who was pretty inept as...
  17. burn587

    COLUMN: If Big 12 football coaches were country music stars...

    Good job, CW! I actually knew who like four of those guys were, which was surprising.
  18. burn587


    I am sure that they don’t. Rose is a great all around LB, and Vance is a good pass rushing LB. Neither of them have the ability to make the jump after next year. I wouldn’t expect Vance to be drafted at all to be honest, good college player with some limitations in his all around skill set. Rose...
  19. burn587

    Jack Trice Stadium Lego

    I got one of these for Christmas and got started on it, but the instructions have kept me from getting very far. Just need to devise a way to keep track of what I’ve done for each step, since most steps require the addition of 50+ pieces. I’m thinking of using a highlighter on instruction manual...
  20. burn587

    Monday Musings Podcast today: Ask me anything

    Not really, that was the moment that to steal a term from Pollard that MAC could no longer “sell hope.” Everyone knew if he couldn’t get it elevated with that team, he never was going to. That year got him fired just as much as the next.