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  1. Tarbox

    Subway's Jared Fogle target for child porn investigation

    Well coach, You'll be happy to know that "etcetera" is actually two words. #GoodGame
  2. Tarbox

    Vinyl Album Collectors?

    Nice, they're a pretty sweet startup here in Boulder that's making some nice waves, still thinking about pulling the trigger on this but I just worry about doubling up on ****....I (now have to) buy quite a bit of music.
  3. Tarbox

    Your top 10 beers

    Some friends just brought back some of that Lunch from a wedding they had in's great.
  4. Tarbox

    Your top 10 beers

    All time? Too hard. Here are my top ten right now: 1 - Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA 2 - Lone Tree Brewing Company Mountain Mama Helles 3 - Peace Tree Rye Porter 4 - Dad & Dude's Dank IPA 5 - Coor's Banquet 6 - Boulder Beer Hazed & Infused Dry Hopped Ale 7 - High Hops Brewery's The Power of Zeus...
  5. Tarbox

    Ordering Tickets off internet

    It's sold out?!
  6. Tarbox

    DIA Rental Car Agencies Now Dumping Grounds For Pot

    Ever flown drunk? Yes. Keep it cool and everything's gravy.
  7. Tarbox

    DIA Rental Car Agencies Now Dumping Grounds For Pot

    Or maybe it's the office staff are uptight fun haters ;) I've heard a few stories of weed being handed off in the parking lot at DIA like a relay baton. It's kind of a "Hey - you guys want this? I couldn't finish it and can't bring it with me" type of thing.
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    Best Denver area to live

    This guy gets it.
  9. Tarbox

    Best Denver area to live

  10. Tarbox

    What's in your liquor cabinet?

    2 25 mg Dixie Elixir Rolls 1 50(?)mg Incredibles Peanut Budda Buddha Bar 2g Jedi Kush 2g Durban Berry 1L Spring 44 Gin 3x 750ml Maker's Mark (they were on sale for $20 each!) 1L Jameson 1L Green Chartreuse 750 mL Dark Cafe Patron 6 assorted bottles of wine (mostly reds)
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    ***Official 2014 80/35 Music Festival Thread***

    lol, Muse is not happening.
  12. Tarbox

    Repealing the Drinking Age?

    No, but "brain dead" MAY be up for debate.
  13. Tarbox

    Repealing the Drinking Age?

    GLADLY....except for that last part. Not too keen on that, boyo. But the other two? SOLD!
  14. Tarbox

    Bad Marketing Ideas - What Are The Worst?

    What about Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A showing their cards to **** on the rights of some of the more marginalized members of our society to move some more product? I'd say those are pretty bad. Or on-disc DLC? That one REALLY sucks.
  15. Tarbox

    What are you doing New Years' Eve?

    Pearl St in Boulder pub crawl.
  16. Tarbox

    channel Q105.1

    Moved to Boulder in May - working for a Classic Rock/AAA station here. My move had nothing to do with anything going on at was more for my wife who just graduated with her MBA from ISU and wanted to branch out and live somewhere different for a change. When CO came up as a destination...
  17. Tarbox

    New Music

    Ween. You better start getting brown ASAP if you want to be taken seriously at all. Get with Ween, brother. Get with Ween.
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    $200 headphones, what do they do?

    If you're looking at headphones anywhere beyond a price point of $60 or so and especially when you're into the $100-300 price range, comfort ought to be as big of a selling point for you as the sound quality. It doesn't matter if it's the best audio quality you've ever heard if you can't wear...
  19. Tarbox

    The guy who always sells tickets outside hilton

    Good guy scalper?
  20. Tarbox

    Best Albums of 2013

    In MY opinion this was a great year for hip hop...Banner year actually - most of my "best of" list comes from that world. And there is still plenty more that I left off that should at least get honorable mention. Releases from Deltron 3030, Action Bronson, Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye, J Cole, Freddie...