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  1. IsUaClone2

    New "Dry" bar in Davenport

    I've got a feeling that people aren't going to be a problem.
  2. IsUaClone2

    On That Note: Saved By Zero, pt. 2: Albums of 1980/1990

    My tardy search for music lead me to LIttleFeat and lo and behold, they did release an album in 1990 with a song that could be word-smithed into something for our WBB team. From Representing The Mambo listen to Texas Twister
  3. IsUaClone2

    On That Note: Saved By Zero, pt. 2: Albums of 1980/1990

    My career and family obligations took me away from listening to music beginning in the late 70s so I don't know much about this era but finally someone has posted some albums (three) that I knew because I purchased them long after they were released in my quest to get more Jimmi Page (Black...
  4. IsUaClone2

    Top-10 2021 combo guard includes ISU in top-seven

    You mean my name is Chance? I've been wondering.
  5. IsUaClone2

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    I think the article was written before :jimlad: was back.
  6. IsUaClone2

    On That Note : Breaking the Law

    Of course Mean Dean and ImJustKCClone beat me to my first two picks but how about: "Out there the law's a comin'" This one isn't the police coming for you but it's about incarceration; "They are coming to...
  7. IsUaClone2

    Alert: He's back

    He completes me...:jimlad:
  8. IsUaClone2

    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    While watching the three-shot segment of the highlights posted above, the words "Three Tree" kept running through my head. I don't know what his three point percentage is but Tyree the Three Tree is an ear worm I'm having trouble getting rid of.
  9. IsUaClone2

    On That Note: The Sound of Silence

    This thread reminds me of a progressive rock radio station in Des Moines during the late 60's and very early 70's. When they announced or printed their disc jockey schedule, they would say they would be playing sound tracks from the silent movies from midnight to six am but they actually went...
  10. IsUaClone2

    On That Note: The Sound of Silence

    I would have never guessed that you were a fast woman.
  11. IsUaClone2

    On That Note: The Sound of Silence

    Another a little earlier, Ray Charles with "What'd I Say" Parts 1 & 2; fake ending at 4:20 and either pauses or fake endings at 4:20 and 5:25.
  12. IsUaClone2

    On That Note: The Sound of Silence

    The first I thought of, Jeff Beck's "Going Down" with Two false endings around 3:02 and 5:05. Still great!
  13. IsUaClone2

    On That Note: Ups and Downs

    Freddy Cannon again: and the first recording (I'm told) of the song:
  14. IsUaClone2

    On That Note: Ups and Downs

    Freddy "Boom Boom: Cannon: "Up like a rocket ship, Down like a roller coaster,"
  15. IsUaClone2

    On That Note: Ups and Downs

    Arrowsmith's album Permanent Vacation has numerous references: "Hands down upon the bloody sword" "don't let me down" and others "Don't mind, come on up and see me"
  16. IsUaClone2

    On That Note: Ups and Downs

    You guys are old? I'm in bed already when you guys post the categories and by the time I get online the next morning it's Slim Pickens...oh wait, he's a western singer; why are we talking about him?
  17. IsUaClone2

    On That Note: Do you hear what I hear

    That is strange. I always heard: Well since she put me down I've been outta my head. Thinking about the actual lyric, is it possible "doin' in my head" is a euphemism for torturing myself or driving myself crazy?
  18. IsUaClone2

    On That Note: Do you hear what I hear

    For me, the way-too-obvious example of mis-heard lyrics is The Kingsmen's Louie, Louie. The FBI spent 31 months investigating possible lewd lyrics before concluding that they were merely incomprehensible. I didn't list specific mis-heard lyrics because the permutations of the possible...
  19. IsUaClone2

    Marcus Fizer Jr.

    Also Abdul-Aziz's scoring didn't have a boost from the three-point shot and I'm not sure of the status of the dunk shot. The dunk shot was illegal when I was in high school but became permissible sometime during my late college years or later.
  20. IsUaClone2

    On That Note: If Everybody Had an Ocean

    That too!