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  1. cyfan50438

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Brock Purdy looked like he was going to cry on that last play to end of the game
  2. cyfan50438

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Could you imagine how bad this game would have been if it was in Iowa City like it was supposed to be.
  3. cyfan50438

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Would have to admit Iowa State is making it look like there are lots of fans on TV with the Iowa State Football Cyclones Socially Distanced Varsity Marching Band and announcer 3rd down and That's another Cyclones First Down.
  4. cyfan50438

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    This game will probably be 50-49 or 7-6. I am thinking the latter.
  5. cyfan50438

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    :mad: At least the defense is doing awesome
  6. cyfan50438

    So who wins on the 12th?

    Game will be nip and tuck eventually going into triple overtime with a fumble recovered by Purdy which in the next play goes for a 4 yard run into the end zone for a touchdown to win by 3 points. 29-26
  7. cyfan50438

    How will the on field game look on TV on Sept 12.

    How do think the onfield game will look on TV for the Sept 12th game. Will they have a band? Will the players come rushing out of the tunnel like they used to. Will there be music and a PA announcer? How will the pre-game look? Will the scoreboard have all the advertising, promotions (that...
  8. cyfan50438

    YouTube TV

    We switched from YTTV to Hulu live when they announced that they were dropping the Fox Sports, North and Midwest which have the Twins, Royals, Cardinals which is a deal breaker for me, They have Marquee which has Cubs, plus they have extra channels for college football during the season. Philo...
  9. cyfan50438

    IMCA Super Nationals in Boone

    Next week will be the 38th running of the IMCA Super Nationals in Boone. I watched a story on channel 5 where Boone officials and Boone county public health is pressing the promoter at Boone Speedway and IMCA to ban fans to the event. From what I am hearing that mitigation measure are taking...
  10. cyfan50438

    Iowa State announces reversal of plans to have fans in the stands for season opener

    I am a person who would do anything (rain, snow, wind) to go to the game in person but I believe that this is only the beginning of no fans for the season. Students still can go to border counties to go to the bars, people will still be in groups no matter how much mitigation you implement...
  11. cyfan50438

    Pollard press conference today

    Hear me out on this. I believe it will either be 50% or zero, at 25% it would be a logistical nightmare for the athletic ticket office. What 3 games a person could attend this year, what 3 games would be credited for next year, some would be shifted to end of the year this year which is...
  12. cyfan50438

    2020 CFB Season Kicks off tonight!!

    Article I read said 2,000 tickets were distributed tonight with a capacity of 22,000
  13. cyfan50438

    2020 CFB Season Kicks off tonight!!

    How many fans will be at this game tonight?
  14. cyfan50438

    Governor shuts down bars in 6 Iowa Counties

    Governor Reynolds has made a proclamation to close bars, wineries, breweries, etc in 6 Iowa counties including Story . These rules were like the rules made in April. I believe we will see a no fan message probably tomorrow. :confused:
  15. cyfan50438

    Winter sports most likely moved to 2021

    Hopefully the season happens, for all winter sports. It has to be hard for the athletes who are practicing with no way of knowing if they will compete this school year.
  16. cyfan50438

    Now that we are having football this fall (hopefully) will fans be able to go.

    Jamie Pollard sent email with 3 options which they will reveal on Sept 1 or before, no fans, split season, or full games with 50% capacity, plus no tailgating on lots which will only be open 2 hours before and after. Also no RVs, no food just soda and water in stadium. How many of you just...
  17. cyfan50438

    Now that we are having football this fall (hopefully) will fans be able to go.

    Now that the Big XII is having football this fall as of now, will we be able as fans to go, either 30,000 or 10,000 like TOE was proposing, or no fans in the stands like MLB is now. Thoughts, inside info?
  18. cyfan50438

    Would you rather be in the big 12 or the big 10?

    But we have the Longhorn Network, that's pretty similar, right :jimlad:
  19. cyfan50438

    Our Grass Field and Spring Football

    Fall football won't happen either
  20. cyfan50438

    The MAC cancels its fall football season

    MVC is allowing schools to play non conference games in fall but is up to school decision. I hope it happens but not confident anymore.