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  1. Arkansas

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    well that's embarrassing. that's not the way to start the season. hopefully one day I can hang that nut cup away once and for all. i'm beyond disappointed right now.
  2. Arkansas

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Awesome as always Rulzzz! Been a weird year and sometimes a struggle to get excited about a lot of things but that hype tape was just what I needed and my ass is fired up!! Let's play some ******* football! GO CYCLONES!
  3. Arkansas

    infolinks popup ads

    I was having some same issue but found out that if you go to the browser settings and open "private window" it eliminates the pop-ups.
  4. Arkansas

    Big Brother 22

    Couldn't agree more and the sooner those two go, the better for me. Unfortunately I'm afraid they have too much support and it won't be any time soon. It definitely has been a **** show and I actually dropped my subscription to the live feeds yesterday.
  5. Arkansas

    Wrong headline - buffalo - human encounter

    I actually found one once when I was a teen. Sent it in to be tested and found out it was a 200 year old bison tooth. And like the responsible teen that I was....I promptly lost it. That was a very long time ago and I'm STILL kicking myself in the ass on that one.
  6. Arkansas

    Share your favorite quick, easy, meals to cook

    Second this. We made almost the exact same thing about a week ago and it was pretty amazing.
  7. Arkansas

    Anyone Use T-Mobile?

    We have the unlimited plan with 3 lines (one line is free for as long as we're with T-mobile). We also went with auto-debit which knocked some additional off as well. I think we're somewhere in the neighborhood of 110/month.
  8. Arkansas

    Anyone Use T-Mobile?

    We just switched about a month ago and so far no issues here in NW Arkansas other than their techs made a couple of screw-ups in making the switch but that's taken care of now. Coverage so far seems to be good, no issues, and the money we saved by dropping AT&T and going with T-mobile was...
  9. Arkansas

    Who Remembers The Beatles?

    I thought I'd do better than I did. The first to pop out to me was "I am the walrus".
  10. Arkansas

    Are you working remotely ?

    Sounds like our firms are very similar in how they're approaching this. My firm sent out an email yesterday morning saying that, as of now, they're remaining "open" but anyone that doesn't feel comfortable at work can work from home with supervisor approval. That was before it was announced...
  11. Arkansas

    Are you working remotely ?

    I work for a civil engineering firm in Rogers, Arkansas and they're getting things set up network-wise to accommodate the whole office. I took the laptop home possibly anticipating it going down. Walmart Corporate in Bentonville sent all their employees home today to work remotely.
  12. Arkansas

    Re-al enters transfer portal.

    I really like this kid and hate to see him go but I totally understand his decision. Best of luck to him and I hope he ends up having an amazing college experience wherever he lands.
  13. Arkansas

    Dracula - New Netflix series

    I saw it listed but was wondering if it was worth a watch or not. This might be the little push I need to give it a shot.
  14. Arkansas

    Good words on ISU fan base

    I download Pete Mundo's podcast every week. He does a great job for the Big 12 and definitely worth a listen.
  15. Arkansas

    NU defense is embarrassingly bad....

    and the nominee for best actor in a comedy goes to.....
  16. Arkansas

    FSU talking potential hiring of Campbell

    Absolutely right. From my personal standpoint I would say no way. Both the fan base and the media tend to be delusional when it comes to the Razorbacks. This football program is in a tailspin and it's one I'm not sure they can pull out of (especially if they stay planted in the SEC). I'm not...
  17. Arkansas

    FSU talking potential hiring of Campbell

    According the the PIg Trail Nation guys (local NBC affiliate,, Leach has always been interested in the Arkansas job but got passed over every time. I have no idea if that's true or not and don't know who their sources are so who knows. I would've thought that Leach would jump at...
  18. Arkansas

    *** Official Alabama VS IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Directv must have something screwed up. The 5:30 slot on ESPN2 shows the Orlando Invitational: Davidson vs. Marquette
  19. Arkansas

    *** Official Kansas VS #22 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Nice - a little VH to kick start my morning! Thank you seniors for believing in the process and being a huge part in making Iowa State football what it is today! GO CYCLONES!