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  1. Arkansas

    ***Official Opening Olympic Ceremonies***

    I don't think London can ever compare to Beijing (and I've been there) but, once the opening ceremony is over how do you rate it?: awesome? average? sucked?
  2. Arkansas

    Your draft pick, your stategy, and your final grade

    We drafted this morning and I had the no. 4 pick Strategy: take a top 5 RB (probably Ray Rice) and come back with an elite QB with the 2nd pick followed by a WR Here's what happened: Got Ray Rice but second pick came down to Peyton Manning or Maurice Jones-Drew. Took MJD due to all the talk...
  3. Arkansas

    Cyclone Country bus

    Just saw an Iowa State bus roll through Jefferson on Highway 4. This wasn't your typical school bus, more like a greyhound that had Cyclone Country along with the new I-State logo on the sides. Just curious if anyone else has ever seen this bus and whether it belongs to a private owner or if it...
  4. Arkansas

    Question for the pheasant hunters

    Used to be a huge pheasant hunter back when I lived in Iowa so now that I'm back hangin' out for a few months I'm considering picking up a license....maybe. I realize that with the brutal winter and wet spring the populations aren't doing all that well if not even at an all time low. My old...
  5. Arkansas

    Speaking of series finales

    First off, I thought Lost pulled off an amazing finale but it got me thinking about the disappointment of some of the other series finales that I've witnessed. The worst that comes to mind is Seinfeld. Loved that show but the finale kinda left me in a WTF moment.
  6. Arkansas

    Feedback: New Posts and betting threads

    Anyway we can eliminate the betting stuff off the new posts especially now that baseball is in full swing? There are times that these betting threads take up practically half the page. It's pretty much common knowledge where to go for betting without plastering the 'new posts' with it.
  7. Arkansas

    Anybody going to be at The Other Place in Overland Park Saturday?

    My daughter called last night and she and two of her friends are catching the game at The Other Place in Overland Park. She thinks it might be more of a Hawk hangout but they're hoping for a decent amount of Cyclone fans to show up. All I can say is God help the Hawk fans that have to face my...
  8. Arkansas

    Most Daring: Seconds to Live

    I happened to be catching bits and pieces of a Most Daring marathon yesterday (actual videos of potentially near fatal situations) and one of the segments came from Ames, Iowa. Apparently an unconscious man was trapped in his burning car (possibly North Grand Mall parking lot?) and was rescued...
  9. Arkansas

    Movie trivia

    okay, this is somewhat of the 'boring' period and I'm totally tired of the WJ thing and football's too far away. with all the response to the new Indiana Jones movie I thought it might be interesting to throw a little movie trivia out there. I'll pose a question - try to answer it off the...
  10. Arkansas

    We're beginning to think Vegas and....

    ...I could use your input. We've started watching airline prices online out of Kansas City but, since I've never been to Vegas, I'm wondering what some of you suggest for places to stay. We're not wanting anything really high end but also don't won't the low of the lows. One hotel that drew my...
  11. Arkansas

    question for those that went to the UNLV game a few years ago...

    Our group is really showing interest in making the road trip to the UNLV game next year. Need some insight though.... How far from Vegas (meaning the strip) is the UNLV stadium? And what hotels did everyone stay at? Where did the team stay? Curious if many stayed on the strip and then...
  12. Arkansas

    Gotta love this Chizik quote

    I want this stadium to be the loudest stadium in the Big XII. ...also mentioned that he wants NO ONE sitting on their hands! Cheer loud for me tomorrow night...I'll be sitting here watching the game on my computer screen! (with a cold one of course:yes:)
  13. Arkansas

    I may have just experienced morning sickness

    Flipped to the sports page of the Arkansas Democratic Gazette to see a huge front page pic of Lyndsey being guarded by a Bulldog. I'm thinking to myself, hey...that's pretty cool UNTIL I read the caption below the pic referring to Lyndsey Medders and the Iowa State hawkeyes.... *sigh* I hate...
  14. Arkansas

    Bill Self rumored as possible coach at Arkansas

    They just reported tonight that Arkansas coach, Stan Heath will be fired if he can not win the SEC tournament and get the Razorbacks into the NCAA tournament (which is unlikely as he has been unable to win back to back conference games so far this season). They reported that Bill Self is...
  15. Arkansas

    Off topic: let's talk concerts

    One of the things that I like about CF is how open the topics tend to be unlike other sites. We can talk just about anything. I just got done watching some concert footage and it had me wondering. I've seen probably 30+ concerts, most at hilton as well as some at vets. My question is, of the...
  16. Arkansas

    Big XII in pursuit of Arkansas transfer

    Damian Williams (WR Arkansas) indicated he will be transferring. So far Texas Tech, Baylor, Missouri and Colorado have asked permission to contact Williams. Makes me wonder if Chizik has any interest. Tech probably has the best shot but no reason why ISU couldn't compete against any of the others.
  17. Arkansas

    Kudos to Dr. Tom and Drake...

    ...for kicking the squawks a$$ tonight. Dr. Tom is a class act all the way. Drake's gain is Iowa's loss. They SO deserve alford.