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    Newcomers updated height, weight, and numbers

    I'd argue he's not leaning back (tough camera angle), at least nowhere near Jacobson. Why are the coaches having him shoot 18-footers? 3's and layups....
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    Smoker Questions

    I have a Green Mountain Daniel Boone pellet smoker. You think the moisture pan is needed? All the recipes I've ever followed haven't mentioned it, so curious how much difference it makes.
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    Smoker Questions

    What internal temp are you looking to hit for ribs? Also, do you use a pan of water for everything you smoke?
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    Spring football season

    What about basketball and wrestling? Stay the same during winter?
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    I lost my job

    For those who have applied or hired using LinkedIn.....I've noticed many of the job postings that get sent to me don't list a salary. How can I find out the potential salary of a job at another company? (assuming it's a similar position as the one I currently have)
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    Central IA firewood

    I heard they had free mulch. Didn't know they had logs.
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    Central IA firewood

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    New Fishing Pole Advice

    Anyone have recommendations on a place around DSM I can take some old reels to get tuned up? I was thinking Johnston bait & tackle, not sure if they do that stuff? Does Scheels or Bass Pro do maintenance stuff?
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    Central IA firewood

    Anyone have a good supplier you get firewood from around Des Moines? I'm not looking for a full cord, just enough to have some bonfires the rest of this summer/fall. I've bought some bundles from HyVee lately--the wood is awful. Doesn't burn well at all, it is packaged as Warren County. Thanks!
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    New Fishing Pole Advice

    I'm pretty much exact same situation as you. Trying to get back into it after years of nothing. What are the recommended types of line for a spin cast vs bait cast? Do I have to use a steel leader if fishing for walleye or pike?
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    ***General Cycling Thread***

    Anyone have recommendations on a children's buggy/trailer I can attach to my hopefully soon new bike? I have a 15mo old, would like to take her on rides with me. Thanks for the info!
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    Naz, Niang, Thomas, McGee - Who wins the 3 point contest?

    My initial thought was Tyrus, but he's too much of a "jump" shooter and could get more fatigued. Whereas Naz doesn't jump much and has a quick release. George's release is too slow. Thomas has a good balance ofall those factors (release, jump, etc). I would go with him, but it would be a...
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    ***General Cycling Thread***

    I live in DSM and looking at getting into riding as well. I know someone already mentioned Kyle's Bikes in Ankeny. Any other good local places you recommend around here who can educate and help me find a quality bike?
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    Fertilizing my lawn for initial spring application

    I've never used Milorganite but considering trying it. Do you want to apply before dry weather or before rain? I'm already doing Earl May's 5-step program for lawn applications. In that case, is Milorganite unnecessary?
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    Fertilizing my lawn for initial spring application

    I've always heard about Milorganite, but don't have any experience. If I'm already doing the Earl May 5-step program this year, am I okay to also do 1-2 applications of Milorganite? My lawn needs a ton of nutrients and top soil built back up, as a lot has eroded away the past couple years...
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    Nicest Golf Course You’ve Played

    That's been on my list to play. Looks really fun, good variety of holes. How did you like it?
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    Electrical question: light fixtures

    Good to know. I'll see if the wet rated bulbs are much more expensive than normal. Thanks.
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    Electrical question: light fixtures

    Thanks. I assume all the big box stores sell those.
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    Electrical question: light fixtures

    So we ordered some new exterior light fixtures for our house. Our old ones fully enclosed the light bulb, but these new ones are "barn" style where the bulb is under the fixture but technically open to any elements that may blow up into it. Our house faces north. My question, maybe a really...
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    Neck nerve issue -

    Those of you who have had spine fusion, disc replacements, etc, what/if any activities are you no longer allowed to participate in? I would hate not being able to golf the rest of my life.