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  1. cyhiphopp

    Photoshop Help

    I'm looking for some help from our local Photoshop masters. I am terrible at it. I am wanting a larger sized version of @DarkStar 's avatar: It's fantastic and nearly perfect. Unfortunately the picture below is the largest and best quality I can find of the original picture. Can...
  2. cyhiphopp

    Hillsides in JTS

    Jamie Pollard has stated that the hillsides are here to stay but will be used more efficiently. Whatever that means. What are your thoughts on the hillsides? I think a lot of us have emotional attachment to them either through personal experience or with our kids, but I know some would...
  3. cyhiphopp

    Scheelhaase Named Running Backs Coach Former Illini QB comes to ISU!
  4. cyhiphopp

    Music Mondays - ROAD TRIP!

    Thanks to @JHUNSY for this weeks topic. "Whether you're road tripping, tailgating, or pre-gaming from home for the Big 12 tourney: what's on your KC playlist?" I'll expand this to include any road trip. What are your favorite driving songs? I'll throw this one out. From the first time I...
  5. cyhiphopp

    Music Monday - Favorites from the Year of your Birth

    Took me a while to settle on a topic for this week. I went with this one. What are some of your favorite songs or albums released during the year of your birth? I am a proud product of 1979, despite the rampant disco craze at the time. For album, the best by far would have to be: Pink Floyd...
  6. cyhiphopp

    Music Mondays - Influential Albums

    Since I enjoyed last weeks Music Monday, and I think others did too, I'm going to try and make this a weekly occurrence. This week we are looking at the albums that have been most influential to us. Feel free to post as many as you want. I'll start it off with an album that the majority of...
  7. cyhiphopp

    Music Mondays - One Hit Wonders

    Hey all. What are your favorite all time One Hit Wonders? Post them here. Also, not trying to start arguments about what constitutes a One Hit Wonder. If you like it, and you think it's a One Hit Wonder, then post it. Here's my favorite. Spacehog - In the Meantime Epic baseline and a...
  8. cyhiphopp

    Uniform Combo for TTU Game

    I'm sure there will be haters out there, but holy crap I think that looks good!
  9. cyhiphopp

    Inappropiate Ads

    Any way we can get rid of the classy "Bible of Babes" ads? They feature scantily clad women in lingeree. I can't really check this site at all at work with this add popping up all the time. The mail order bride adds weren't nearly as bad.
  10. cyhiphopp

    FS: 2 tickets for KSU game

    Section S $40 for the pair or best offer I can send you the tickets electronically PM me
  11. cyhiphopp

    WTB: Need 2 Hillside Tickets for SJSU

    Wanting to buy two hillside tickets for the San Jose State game. Thanks!
  12. cyhiphopp

    Idea: Music Forum?

    Any chance we can get a Music forum? It would be great to have an official forum to share music and thoughts. We've got some good off topic threads already, but it would be nice to have a home for all of them. Maybe put a moratorium on entrance music threads though :wink: Thanks!
  13. cyhiphopp

    Mafia Sign Up and POLL!

    You get to pick the theme for this next mafia game. Post if you are in or not and vote for which theme you want. Majority rules. This is the first time I've posted a poll, so bear with me. 1. JHUNSY 2. KC 3. Spiker 4. Bret 5. Clonies 6. WGD 7. mdk 8. cyfan13 9. CyArob 10. Colorado 11. Vikes...
  14. cyhiphopp

    Jared Uthoff Might NOT be an Alien!

    I've found some interesting evidence in the archives that Uthoff was not pulled out of a pod 6 or 7 years ago. He almost looks like a nice normal kid here. What the heck happened to him? I figured we could honor him after his clutch Senior night performance.
  15. cyhiphopp

    Baby HipHopp On the Way

    Hey all. My new wife and I are far enough along to announce that we are having a baby! Due August 24th. It will be our first child together, my third (first two with my ex-wife). Baby is being ornery and making mommy nauseous and tired all the time, but overall everything is going great.
  16. cyhiphopp

    *** Game of Thrones Mafia II Sign Up ***

    Doing a new Game of Thrones mafia, this time with a twist. EVERYONE IS MAFIA! Planning on 5 mafias each having members with their own powers. Starting with the auto sign up list. Airbag Amarner32 Azhuth09 Bret44 Clark CloneFan4 Cokane Cyclonespiker33 Dandy DMB Farnsy Firefighter Fitzy...
  17. cyhiphopp

    Can Anyone Recommend a Good Family Lawyer?

    I am looking to get my custody arrangement for my kids updated and would appreciate a good recommendation. Thanks!
  18. cyhiphopp

    *** Tarantino Mafia Sign-Up ***

    With Princess Bride Mafia winding down I figured I'd start this thread. I am pulling characters and themes from Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Django Unchained, Kill Bill (1&2),and Ingolrious Basterds! We have enough roles for a BIG game if enough people join. We'll start with the ALWAYS IN...
  19. cyhiphopp

    MLB: 2nd CF Fantasy Baseball League

    I think there has been enough interest that we could have a second CF league this year. Post here if you are definitely IN! List: 1 cyhiphopp 2 theantiAIRBHG 3 CloneFan319 4 CRAZYGREG 5 mj4cy 6 cyclonefan81 7 cyhawkdmb 8 ripvdub 9 cmjh10 10 MRN4ISU 11 Shawker 12 mj4cy friend? next in: jmarter
  20. cyhiphopp

    MLB: Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategies

    Hey guys. Just wondering if any of you have any specific strategies for your Fantasy drafts. Some guys like drafting pitchers early, some prefer to wait and get volumes starters. Some guys try to get a few of the top closers so make sure they win Saves and such. Last year I grabbed Cano and...