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  1. wolverine68

    A Cyclone legend has passed away...

    I'm not sure how long he continued coaching, I knew him as a banker. For anyone old enough to remember, he worked at Union Story.
  2. wolverine68

    A Cyclone legend has passed away...

    This morning Tom Vaughn passed away. I had the great honor of meeting him and his family. There are stories that I won't share right now, but the whole of Cyclone nation should honor his memory.
  3. wolverine68

    I need recommendations (electrician and plumber)...

    I have always had good luck asking for advice on this board, so I'm asking for your help again... I need an electrician to replace old cables and a plumber to finish an unfinished bathroom in my basement (already plumbed, just need a toilet, sink, and stand up shower installed). Any...
  4. wolverine68

    WTB: Parking Pass

    Found one! Thanks to those that replied!!
  5. wolverine68

    Cooke Suspended Today

    This thread is a train wreck...
  6. wolverine68

    Hoiberg waiting to leave is going to cost ISU in what is their all in year

    We just beat a top 20 team on the road!! GO CYCLONES​!!!
  7. wolverine68

    Its raining

    Heck, I just consider it fertilizer. When it doesn't rain, the greenest parts of my lawn are around the turds, when it rains it spreads out and my lawn looks awesome!
  8. wolverine68

    WTB: Parking Pass for Saturday

    Found one, thanks to all who answered!
  9. wolverine68

    WTB: Parking Pass for Saturday

    Willing to get almost anything, but willing to pay for closer options! PM me if you have something!!
  10. wolverine68

    2 Free tickets to anyone in the Des Moines Area!

    I am not feeling well and my friend who goes to games with me is having issues with his business, end all be all, I have two pretty good seats to tonight's game that I can't use. Anyone willing to drive to my house in Urbandale and make use of them are welcome to them. PM me if you can pick...
  11. wolverine68

    Any guesses on Attendance for this weekends game?

    I'll be there with my butt in a seat. Now if I could just get a parking pass...
  12. wolverine68

    WTB Parking Pass for Kansas Game

    I'd like to get a parking pass for the game on October 3rd. Please PM me if you have one available.
  13. wolverine68

    Iowa favored by 4

    I'm really concerned about the tone of this thread. I have several friends who attended the University of Iowa, some of whom are still die-hard Cyclone fans and some of whom are not but all of whom I am proud to call my friend. The U of I is a sister institution and we should all be proud to...
  14. wolverine68

    Pictures of the New End Zone!

    Section 11 Row 16. I was proud of the people around us, every 3rd down we were up on our feet cheering! Won't be at the next game but will be there for the rest. I'll try to look for you on Oct. 3rd!