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    Quick Note On The OL

    I agree with you the loss of one player SHOULDN'T make this much difference. We had a few guys who couldn't go and the depth was not good, so it DID make a big difference. I am not saying if he plays we win, but I do think we have a shot to win.
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    Quick Note On The OL

    Downing being out was the big blow, we were doing ok until then...
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    Disappointing Game

    It was a kick in the nuts... the offense was soooo bad.
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    Every morning I get up and check CF to see if the game is still on.....

    Looks we are a go... everyone tested negative today...
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    2021 Football Targets

    Here's an article breaking down Dart and the other prospects in his week 1 game.
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    Every morning I get up and check CF to see if the game is still on.....

    It's the game to watch at noon according to this article. Louisiana is decent so it should be fun.
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    Cyclones -10 vs Ragin' Cajuns Poll+Discussion

    wait until a day or so before to have your best chance to know who is playing.
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    CFBS ranks Eisworth #7 S in the country

    He showed signs last year, if he plays well the secondary will be really good this year.
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    True Freshmen biggest contributors

    Posted this article on this a while back but it mentions... Singleton, Bouman and Dekkers, and Pedersen.
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    CFBS ranks Eisworth #7 S in the country

    Kolar was 2.
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    Iowa State announces reversal of plans to have fans in the stands for season opener

    I read yesterday that the number of deaths in America is right on pace where it is the past 60 years. Right in the middle, I figured with co-vid killing so many ppl that number would have gone up too...
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    CFBS ranks Eisworth #7 S in the country

    I know when I posted the TE list ppl were looking for the safeties. Looks like the safeties are up and Greg was ranked 7th. He is in the article and I linked it here.
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    CFBS TE Rankings

    The positions look like they were released one by one, so they probably didn't release safeties yet.
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    CFBS TE Rankings

    They have Kolar #2 behind Pitts from Florida... I disagree (he's better than Pitts), but still good to see Charlie getting love. Hall is ranked at RB and Purdy at QB too....
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    JD Spielman enters transfer portal

    TCU got Marcel Brooks too???
  16. C

    Howard Brown commits!

    the fact that he plays qb is the best part. They say Tim Tebow played nose tackle in high school, I think it was for a game, but it feels relevant here.
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    Freshmen to watch article

    Kickers, punters and long snappers, almost never know who they are until they blow it...
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    Cyclone State

    I think the map was meant as a joke or just to bother certain fanbases. That said for Iowa this could be accurate.
  19. C

    College Fantasy Football

    Yahoo is good and limiting to a few conferences is probably the best way to go... there are a lot of players in college.
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    Two Cyclones make CBS Sports Big 12 Top 10 Players list

    Good list, its hard to do these lists, no major issues with this one.