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  1. Tailg8er

    Iowa's Best Burger Contest 2020 - and the winner is ....

    I agree with this general sentiment, but think you're exaggerating a tad when you say 'two buck'. (Single) Quarter pounder with cheese (sandwich only) is >$4 now.. f'in inflation.. Unless you're talking ones you make yourself - then you're absolutely right.
  2. Tailg8er

    ***2020-2021 College Football Survivor Week 3***

    Week 1: South Florida Week 2: Louisiana Week 3: Boston College
  3. Tailg8er

    Big 12 Elimination Competition. Week 1

    Week 1: Iowa State High Score: Texas vs Texas Tech Least Points: Kansas State
  4. Tailg8er

    ***2020 High School Football Thread***

    Exactly - everybody has the same set of rules, if playing a senior season is that important, follow them. I guess nobody cares about the kid who'd now be behind him on Ankeny's depth chart getting to play? Not only that, but this kid is already committed to play D-1 football, not like he's...
  5. Tailg8er

    NFL: NFL Survivor Game Week 2

    Week 1: Kansas City Week 2: Tampa Bay
  6. Tailg8er

    ***2020-2021 College Football Survivor Week 2***

    Week 1: South Florida Week 2: Louisiana
  7. Tailg8er

    ***2020-2021 College Football Survivor Week 1***

    Week 1: South Florida
  8. Tailg8er

    NFL: NFL Survivor Game Week 1

    Week 1: Kansas City
  9. Tailg8er

    So who wins on the 12th?

    Why is that, just expecting a slow start? The offense is widely considered our strongest piece, and LA's defense isn't highly regarded. Not saying they're Monroe, but we put 70+ on them a year ago.
  10. Tailg8er

    Iowa State announces reversal of plans to have fans in the stands for season opener

    2%. Even if allowed, how many will have opted out by that point? Are they going to prorate the cost of the season for how many games you get to go to? Sounds like a nightmare.
  11. Tailg8er

    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    That was my hope for what we'd have in Johnston, but nope. Our online (and online portion of hybrid) is just a separate program (Edmentum) that you do at home. They have so many activities on their weekly schedule, with a suggested pace to do them. Struggle so far is getting logged in to all the...
  12. Tailg8er

    Friday OT #2 - Bring It To the Masses

    Agree. First ones I tried were bacon cheddar (I think) - amazing. Had some pineapple last weekend - wasn't expecting the chunks of pineapple inside, but they were amazing as well.
  13. Tailg8er

    Info: Opting out of the politics board...

    New! Found her in the show Imposters someone recommended on Netflix - Inbar Lavi is her name.
  14. Tailg8er

    Info: Opting out of the politics board...

    Have some friends who have kids in softball. Every time they post practice pictures I think of that thread & wonder how loaded they must be.
  15. Tailg8er

    Friday OT #2 - A Bit of the Old Ultraviolence

    High school football officiating season unofficially starts for my crew tonight with a scrimmage - excited to get back out there! Hoping we can even get the whole season in *fingers crossed*.
  16. Tailg8er

    8/10 weather

    Guess we need better anchors for our trampoline, all 4 straps failed.. Luckily it just tumbled into the corn field behind our house & didn't hit any houses.
  17. Tailg8er

    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    Johnston is going hybrid (50%) - voted 5-2 last night. I was a little surprised since they seemed almost opposite for in support of 100% in person last week. Sounds like there were a large group of teachers protesting the 100% in person before last night's meeting, maybe that tipped the scales...
  18. Tailg8er

    College Savings Iowa (529) vs savings account

    Yeah if you're not maxing your Roth I'd suggest using that as college savings. Has the benefit of being able to use contributions for anything without penalty at any time. If that's maxed, then yeah, 529 is a good plan if you don't think college will be provided free of charge in the future.
  19. Tailg8er

    Alternative Investment Ideas?

    That's kind of where I am thinking of starting. I haven't seen anything for sale near those amounts, though, looking at some of the smaller towns within an hour or so of DSM (though I admit I haven't looked too hard quite yet). Barely seem to find livable places for less than $100k in most places.
  20. Tailg8er

    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    Other countries pay people not to work for full semesters/school years at a time to care for school aged children?