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  1. brentblum

    Blum: Cyclone Rewind, 2014 Big 12 Tournament

    Hey all, with the Big 12 coming up next week, had a blast going back and re-experiencing the 2014 Big 12 final in this Cyclone Rewind. Hopefully it makes the day go by a little quicker. Thanks as always for reading.
  2. brentblum

    Blum: 24 hours in Norman

    Wrote a new column this week on my time in Norman two years ago and how old tweets can actually be a good thing.
  3. brentblum

    Blum: What if I told you...

    Wrote some stuff about the changing mindset of Cyclone Football. Thanks as always for reading!
  4. brentblum

    BLUM: The more you know

    Wrote some stuff about some stuff.
  5. brentblum

    BLUM: Iowa State has an offense

    I wrote some stuff about how Iowa State's explosion on Saturday against Monroe wasn't just a flash in the pan. They are for real.
  6. brentblum

    Turnover Troubles

    Wrote some stuff on Iowa State's turnover issues and what it means moving forward.
  7. brentblum

    Blum: Hello Mizzou, old foe

    Wrote some stuff this morning about welcoming our old Mizzou pals back to Hilton. And how much I couldn't stand Norm Stewart's team. I miss hating those guys.
  8. brentblum

    Blum: Bring on November

    Pretty excited for this group and what's ahead and wrote some stuff about it.
  9. brentblum

    Blum: Four's a Crowd

    Got to thinking about an interesting parallel between this group of Cyclones and Tim Floyd's first group in 94-95, including the big 3 of Hoiberg, Meyer and Julo (the original Big Silky.) Enjoyed writing this one.
  10. brentblum

    BLUM: Put that coffee down I wrote some stuff on MBB for your Thursday.
  11. brentblum

    BLUM: Hold your calendars for Dec. 2nd?

    Some kool-aid for your Thursday.
  12. brentblum

    Blum: Iowa State 38, Oklahoma 31

    I wrote about my experience during a pretty awesome day in Norman.
  13. brentblum

    Blum: Cy-Hawk Timehop

    Had some fun re-living the glorious 23-3 win over the Hawks in 2005. Brian Ferentz was just another guy in Ames on that day. Enjoy!
  14. brentblum

    BLUM: Cyclone Legends on the Mic

    One of my favorite topics I've written about. Hopefully we never forget the impact Pete Taylor had on Iowa State and the way Walters has taken the torch and ran with it. Walters and Heft are genuinely two of the greatest guys around and we are lucky to have them...
  15. brentblum

    Iowa High School TV Dispute

    Pretty good summary here by the Des Moines Register: I found it crazy that the IHSAA makes roughly $7 million per year and its CEO makes around 200k, yet they only make...
  16. brentblum

    Tonight's Kansas-Iowa State Officials

    I know you're all dying to know. The officiating crew tonight: Doug Sirmons, Joe DeRosa, Bert Smith. Sirmons is one of my faves and has worked multiple Final Fours. DeRosa is a solid official that worked the NCAA Title game in 2014. I'm not high on Smith, he was a part of the KU fiasco in Hilton...
  17. brentblum

    Best game ever by Cyclone PG?

    Just off the top of my head, Monte's 30 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals and zero turnovers on 10-16 from floor and 4-5 from 3 is the best line I've seen from a Cyclone PG. Some other contenders: Tinsley vs UCLA in Sweet 16, 2000. Tinsley triple double vs Mizzou in 2000. Stinson @ KU...
  18. brentblum

    WTB: 2 tix Thursday Big 12 (Session 2 and 3)

    Hi all, I'm looking to take my dad down to the Big 12 for Thursday's sessions and if anyone had 2 they'd like to sell, I'd be interested. I haven't been there as a "fan" in years, so hoping to find 2 to watch the games with a beer. Would potentially be interested in all-session tickets as well...
  19. brentblum

    Blum: College Basketball is Truly, Madly, Deeply Crazy

    I wrote some stuff about college basketball and late 90's music if you're bored.
  20. brentblum

    Blum: Hilton Coliseum is pretty special

    Wrote some stuff today for your internet perusal.