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  1. shawn_200m

    Max Duggan cleared to play Saturday

    That '02 team completely imploded, got destroyed by OU, lost by 50 to K-State and then lost to UCONN who was in their first year of being D1 in football and also got trounced in the bowl game by Boise. Also FSU was ranked #3 when we played them but ended up being not very good...same with that...
  2. shawn_200m

    Next week's B12 TV schedule ...

    I think if we win and OU wins on Saturday we'll be the primetime ABC game.
  3. shawn_200m

    Pollard announces plan for 25,000 fans at season opener

    Anxious to see where the re-seating has placed us. That will probably be the determining factor on whether I opt out or not. I've had season tickets for 15 years but am only a Century level donor and have 3 seats in section C, so I'm not sure where that will put me in the pecking order. I'd...
  4. shawn_200m

    Fans on the 12th or not ?

    I think you're probably on the right track, and why Pollard asked for people to make their decision on this year's tickets by Aug 28th. I think they are hoping that enough defer that the issue of splitting the season takes care of itself. I know my dad deferred his as well as another group of...
  5. shawn_200m

    Question internet in central Iowa

    I use the first few years we had multiple issues, but in the last 4-5 years, I can only remember one major outage that lasted more than 1 day. I work from home via VPN and we now stream everything including TV with YouTubeTV and we have zero issues. I have the 200 mb/2000...
  6. shawn_200m


    He's not playing.
  7. shawn_200m

    Granite City Files for bankruptcy

    CR is definitely a chain city. My old job used to go to Granite City for take out lunch religiously until we finally made them check out some other better local spots. By the time I left that job a year ago GC had fallen completely out of the lunch rotation in favor of Emil's Hideaway, QDogs...
  8. shawn_200m

    Charter bus to bowl game?

    Orlando has so many hotel rooms I'm sure they're not even close to being full at this point.
  9. shawn_200m

    Camping World Bowl seating location

    There will be tickets available. More than likely you'll be able to get a pretty good deal depending on how picky you are about seat location.
  10. shawn_200m

    More love for Lazard

    He's an exclusive rights free agent next year, so there's nearly no chance he won't be with the Packers, likely on a new multi-year deal. He's moved all the way up to WR2 on the depth chart and is also their best special teams player.
  11. shawn_200m

    2019-20 FB Coaching Carousel & Rumors

    He's staying and not happy about the rumors.
  12. shawn_200m

    ***Official ISU Bowl Predictions***

    The winner of the Memphis vs Cincy game will likely be in the Cotton as the top ranked G5 team. The loser probably goes to the Liberty.
  13. shawn_200m

    ***Official ISU Bowl Predictions***

    If that happened, Texas and K St would likely go to the Alamo/CWB and it would be us and OSU for the Texas Bowl.
  14. shawn_200m

    ***Official ISU Bowl Predictions***

    We're not going to that Alamo or CWB. Texas, Liberty, Cheezit are our possibilities.
  15. shawn_200m

    ***Official ISU Bowl Predictions***

    The standings mean nothing for bowl selection, they can take any eligible team they want.... That said, it's hard to see us being taken ahead of any of the other eligible teams except possibly OSU with all of their injuries to important players.
  16. shawn_200m

    ***Official ISU Bowl Predictions***

    If we fall to the Liberty it will almost certainly be against the Memphis/Cincy loser. There are not enough SEC teams to fill that slot.
  17. shawn_200m

    Pass Interference Challenge

    That spot was so bad. It looked bad in the stadium, but after I saw the replay on tv, Jones was clearly past the 37, and they spotted the ball almost back at the 38. If they give us that first down, we probably go down and make it 28-9, and all the 4th quarter drama and my spike in blood...
  18. shawn_200m

    OT: Cord cutting questions

    It might be your internet provider/speed. I set my dad up with YTTV and he has Windstream and his lag time is around 60-90 seconds. Mine is closer to 30 with 1 gig Mediacom service.
  19. shawn_200m

    OT: Cord cutting questions

    If it were me, I'd go with a Roku Express instead of Chromecast. You can get them for $25-$35 and the user interface is much easier.
  20. shawn_200m

    OT: Cord cutting questions

    The lag definitely varies depending on the device. We have a TCL Roku TV that is connected via ethernet and the lag is only 25 seconds or so, but our Samsung Smart TV via wifi has about a 60-90 second lag. We also have 3 roku express via wifi that are in-between, usually around 30-45 seconds...