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  1. Cybyassociation

    Cyclones Gain Territory on CFB Empires Map

    One of my favorite things to check on every week. College Football Empires Map Week 11 Quick Stats: Territories 1. Notre Dame- 21 2. Alabama- 17 3. Iowa State- 16 t4. Michigan State and Clemson- 12 Counties Alabama - 556 Iowa State - 320 Notre Dame - 313 Michigan - 306 Arizona State - 268...
  2. Cybyassociation

    Need Some Wiring Assistance

    Ok, I may have messed up, but hopefully the kind folks on this board will be able to help me out. We have a nook above our fireplace mantle and below our TV. There was a coaxial/phone plate in the nook. I wanted to replace the phone out with an Ethernet out. Didn't realize the phone line was...
  3. Cybyassociation

    Paperclip Game (Don't Play this Game)

    You've been warned. Paperclip Game Kiss your productivity goodbye.
  4. Cybyassociation

    Denver Game Watch?

    Out here for travel...I'm assuming no since it's on Mediacom?
  5. Cybyassociation

    Friendly Wager

    Looking for someone to place a friendly wager with. The bet is this: First team to lose in the tourney (ISU or UNI), the winner gets to choose the losers avatar until the National Champion is crowned. I'm obviously pulling for UNI even though I really don't like their draw, but I feel like...
  6. Cybyassociation

    Took A Tumble Down The Stairs

    I feel so inadequate coming to CF for answers like this, but I've seen them answered before, so I might as well ask away. I posted this in the weather thread the other day, but I just heard back from the apartment complex so I will give a recap: Tuesday morning I was coming out of my apartment...
  7. Cybyassociation

    The Book of Mormon (Musical)

    My girlfriend got me tickets for Christmas. We're living in Chicago now but it was easier to get tickets for the Des Moines show. We went last night and I thought it was amazing. Obviously since it was written by the South Park guys, its going to be "offensive" to some, but on the whole, the...
  8. Cybyassociation

    Full House Mafia Sign Up Thread

    What ever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, evening tv? They sure don't make sitcoms like they used to. Mafia number 95 will have a Full House theme to it. Sign up fast! First 20 are in and then its closed!
  9. Cybyassociation

    Anybody Going to Dave at Alpine?

    Please don't turn this into a DMB hate thread. Just wondering if anyone is heading to East Troy for the shows. Maybe share a beer with some Cyclones.
  10. Cybyassociation


    So this weekend I will be attending a Bachelor party where there is a requirement that all attendants must sport a mustache. I’ve been growing mine now for a little over a week and a half and I call it the Dirty Mercury in honor of Freddie Mercury. The mustache is clearly prominent but I've got...
  11. Cybyassociation

    ***Official Battle of the Duplicate Accounts***

    I encourage ccyclonepower25 to bring both of his/her identities into this arena of death and fight to the end! First we have to find out who the other identity truly is. I will start. I am Spartacus.
  12. Cybyassociation

    ***Official Friday Beer Thread***

    What're you drinkin today? For me, it'll be Toppling Goliath Naughty 90 at the brewery shortly after work on my way up to Minnesota.
  13. Cybyassociation


    How is there no thread for this yet!? 10 minutes away from the season 3 premier! The Best Of Archer - YouTube
  14. Cybyassociation

    Radio Moscow

    Bunch of drama queens. Were supposed to play at Mahoneys in CR this past Sunday the 8th at 6pm. Someone from the band called at 5:45 saying the band wasnt coming because they broke up the night before. They...well he (the remaining member of the original band) posted this on YouTube from...
  15. Cybyassociation

    High School Rudy Award

    Presented by Inspireum Matt Riniker, a sophomore at Western Dubuque High School, is up for this pretty awesome award. Matt was on the freshman team that I coached last year at WD when he had his 4wheeling accident that eventually let to him having his leg amputated below the knee. This year...
  16. Cybyassociation

    Crazy UNI Play

    I havent seen this anywhere on here. I know most on here could give a damn less about UNI, but I have never seen anything like this before. This happened on Saturday during their playoff game agaisnt Wofford. To summarize: UNI had scored to break the tie and put them ahead by 7. Kicking...
  17. Cybyassociation

    Game Delayed

    Thunder and lightning down in Manhattan. Warmups are being delayed so the game most likely will be as well.
  18. Cybyassociation

    New Black Keys Album

    They Black Keys have a new album coming out next week. It may or may not have already leaked, but if you would rather do things the legal way, they have 5 of the album's songs on their website: 5 Songs From El Camino | The Black Keys You just have to sign up for their mail list. Gold On The...
  19. Cybyassociation

    Hamburgler in Cedar Falls

    Just saw this on KCRG...too funny. Hungry Thief Breaks into Cedar Falls McDonald's | KCRG-TV9 | Cedar Rapids, Iowa News, Sports, and Weather | Local News
  20. Cybyassociation

    Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find...

    A video of all of the seniors walking out. Being out there with my brother was one of the proudest moments of my life and I would love to be able to relive it. I saw this video where they had LJ and Matt walking out and wondered if they had the rest. Thanks in advance! Iowa State Shocks...