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  1. BACyclone

    Only One NonCon Game

    The only logical thing I've heard about cutting schedule is that it creates more open weeks, thus if there is an outbreak on a team, there's a chance to postpone games rather than outright cancel them.
  2. BACyclone

    Yellowstone NP

    We tent camped in Canyon last year. Words cannot describe how great an experience this was. Campgrounds are great. There are also a bunch of cabins/townhouses in this area if you are not a camper. Not much risk of bears in this area, but you still must be wary of leaving food out. We kept...
  3. BACyclone

    RECRUITING: Cyclones contact Tamin Lipsey on the first official day of 2022 recruiting

    Lipsey looks a lot more rocked up than Morris was as a college freshman. Lipsey looks more naturally built for strength. Frankly, reminds me a bit more of a Curtis Stinson hybrid with Monte... but in terms of the game style I agree, he definitely looks like he plays with pace like Monte did so...
  4. BACyclone

    Big News Out Of KC (Funny)

  5. BACyclone

    [SURPRISE] Ben Langston Commits!

    I was gonna say the same thing. Yeah of course these are highlights, but he has a real nose for playing high-safety. He looks like a DUDE on the field. If he is legit 6'2" 190lbs as the profile lists, I think he screams as potentially the next Star safety. He plays pass coverage really...
  6. BACyclone

    Real Estate / Equity Question

    I'll chime in with others..I'm not an expert, just experienced: 1) I wouldn't recommend putting more than ~20-25% down unless you are angling for getting a payment you need. In part, because in my opinion "house debt is good debt" if there is such a thing. Eliminate all other debts, then do...
  7. BACyclone

    "simple" electrical problem cant solve

    I like your presence of mind to tell your wife to leave the house....
  8. BACyclone

    Athlon Sports Cover 2 Podcast interviews Coach Joel Gordon

    One of the hosts of the Athlon Sports Cover 2 podcast (a good follow by the way) interviewed several position coaches of the top college QBs for this episode, under the premise of how they are preparing the top QBs for the upcoming season with the reality of remote coaching. Included in the...
  9. BACyclone

    Science question - tensile strength and dental floss

    In both cases this is because of the longer lever of the length of the rod. The potential downside could remain that a larger rod would add to the mass of the circulating assembly, which would rob some net power.
  10. BACyclone

    COD Warzone

    I play the MW game but only in Multiplayer for the most part. I don't get into the Warzone "battle royale" mode very much. My son does play it sometimes with friends, and I've played it with him a couple times. Generally I dislike it for the reasons stated already, but there is quite a rush...
  11. BACyclone

    Jacob Toppin

    Upside is we would have someone else to continue the short-shorts tradition. In all seriousness, he is an athletic wing who I think would fit well in the open style on both offense and defense. Good teams have at least a couple of players just like Toppin, even if they are "role" players.
  12. BACyclone

    Jacob Toppin

    No way we are realistically going to fill all the 'ships with immediately eligible guys we will actually want, so I can definitely buy into getting Toppin in here. Could have a high ceiling with a sit-out year.
  13. BACyclone

    [Commitment Watch] ‘21 DT Howard Brown

    LOL at the poor OL trying to block this guy at DT. Dude at the 0:46 mark uses the patented "ole'!" technique with predictable results. :D
  14. BACyclone

    ISU recruiting ranked 4th in Big XII

    With regard to your question about rush ends, I think the recruiting profile is just different. Assuming we stick and recruit to the 3-3-5 style of defense, we are not going to necessarily see a "rush end" get recruited, per se'. That person will more likely be considered an OLB. Will...
  15. BACyclone

    CF STAFF CHAT: Discussing the Iowa loss and season outlook

    I also agreed with the comment at the end about defending the home court better, just from a pure fan perspective. The natives need home wins. Logistically, wins are precious (as noted above) and home wins should be easier. The team MUST pick the low hanging fruit (home wins) and battle with...
  16. BACyclone

    New Belgium announces sale to Lion Little World Corp

    I'm a huge fan of the NEIPAs and there are a couple sours that I've liked, for sure. Thanks for the rec! I know Exile isn't popular with some but their Bohemian fruited Sour series has overall been something I've enjoyed. The grapefruit one was excellent.
  17. BACyclone

    New Belgium announces sale to Lion Little World Corp

    Thanks for the recommendations! I look forward to trying them all.
  18. BACyclone

    New Belgium announces sale to Lion Little World Corp

    Give me say, your top 5 list of favorite breweries in the Fort Collins area the next time I am out there that I should visit or try out. My in-laws live in Longmont, so I travel to the area from time to time. WeldWerks in Greeley is already on my list to try out.
  19. BACyclone

    MSU fans discussing new coach. Campbell on their shortlist. Funny stuff

    Blue blood -- think about it this way. Was Mich State a blue blood in MBB 20 years ago? Long stretch of high-level success, some conference titles, coupled with at least one shot at a playoff in that span, and you have built that resume. The crazy thing is, I think Coach Campbell has at least...
  20. BACyclone

    New Belgium announces sale to Lion Little World Corp

    I haven't tried Oreo Speedwagon yet, but most recently I was fortunate to find Imperial Peanut Butter Stout on tap locally and it is all kinds of awesome. I am hoping I can find this in cans locally. Thanks for the rec! I will have to try it.