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  1. cyclones122

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    I was thinking the same thing.. There was a TON of quit in that team today. Putting this performance with the last 2 games last season is a very concerning trend. Still can be turned around, but it needs to be quick. Programs like ours have such a small window to break through. If it...
  2. cyclones122

    *** Official Louisiana VS #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Unfortunately, Campbell has shown he is totally unwilling to make that decision. It was brutally clear at the end of last season it needed to be done. And it won't get any better until he does. We won't take the next step until we get a real P5 offensive coordinator.
  3. cyclones122

    2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

    I love this "hockey all day" thing. It's like March Madness for hockey fans. Hockey is my second sport, just behind football - and the Stanley Cup Playoffs are my favorite championship chase by far. Let's go Caps! Hoping Ovi and company can get our second Cup in 3 years. Although due to...
  4. cyclones122

    Ivy League cancels fall sports

    I don't see the NFL cancelling the season, especially if college football does push to the spring or cancels. I am guessing in that scenario they would shift schedules and have games all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday Night, and Thursday night. And ESPN, CBS, Fox, and NBC - all of whom will lose...
  5. cyclones122

    Vikings fans...

    I was pretty excited with the picks last night. Other than not getting O-Line help, they got 2 very solid players that should start day 1. I was hoping Jefferson would be there, but didn't think he would. I was sure Philly would snatch him up. I was happy they didn't reach just to fill a...
  6. cyclones122

    Vikings fans...

    I was listening to P.A. on 9-noon this morning when it broke. He reached out to someone in the know with the Vikings and the response was two words: Fake news.
  7. cyclones122

    Vikings fans...

    I completely agree. My point was that I've heard from people connected with the Vikings that they should re-sign him and he should play the rest of his career in Minnesota. Assuming that's another 7-8 seasons, that means another 7-8 years without a realistic shot at a championship with him at QB.
  8. cyclones122

    Vikings fans...

    This x 1000. Elite QB's overcome obstacles to win big games. Kirk cannot do that. Painful truth. Just don't see this team winning a championship with him as our QB. So hope I am wrong.
  9. cyclones122

    Vikings fans...

    Cousins was awful tonight, no doubt about that. BUT, the play calling has been absolutely atrocious and did nothing to put him in a position to be successful. (And this is not just a defense of Kirk - he sucked tonight) Kirk's strengths are play action and roll outs. Virtually none of those...
  10. cyclones122

    Alert: CYBER MONDAY for the CF Store - everything is 20 % off

    Hey CW, Any chance you guys could get a performance style hoodie in black with the white I-State logo? Thanks!
  11. cyclones122

    ISU vs KU - 11 am CST on FSN

    I hate when games are on FSN. I live near DC and have PS Vue and the game was not on here (the channel that would usually have it had on a Capitals game instead so it wouldn't have been on the other services either). Right now I can watch fricken UNI on tv here, but could not watch ISU. Hope...
  12. cyclones122

    CFB Playoff Rankings

    It's nice to see the committee actually look at body of work instead of just a 6-4 record. When your 4 losses are to the current #21, #17, #14 and #9 teams by a combined 11 points, and you just beat at top 25 Texas team, you should be in if body of work is considered. Now go curb stomp Kansas...
  13. cyclones122

    Vikings fans...

    This. Cousins has zero situational awareness whatsoever. He never has. At this point of his career, he never will. And that is why teams he is the quarterback of will never win a Super Bowl. He doesn't have the mental strength or awareness to will his team to win a championship.
  14. cyclones122

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS Texas Tech Game(Day) Thread ***

    The one CMC has worn the last couple games is actually the sideline version from 2017. I have that one with the gold swoosh. Here is this year's version...
  15. cyclones122

    I thought WVU had moved beyond this ...

    I echo this 100%. I have to give a shout out to the WVU fanbase (as a whole). We had probably a dozen or more people come up to us, shake our hands, and welcome us to Morgantown. After the game, numerous more congratulated us on a good win and wished us luck the rest of the way. We even had...
  16. cyclones122

    Morgantown Roll Call

    My fiance and I are making the trip from DC as well. Unfortunately, due to commitments tonight and Sunday, we are making a long day out of it tomorrow - so probably no pregame for us. Hope to see some of you all in the ISU section though! It's a fun game atmosphere.
  17. cyclones122

    Morgantown Advice

    I got my tickets through the DC Chapter of the ISU Alumni Association. They have a contact in the WVU ticket office that allowed them to get tickets in the ISU section at face value ($58 per ticket I believe). We are in section 100. Did the same thing 2 years ago and it worked out great...
  18. cyclones122

    Travel - Washington DC

    Yes, 100% agree with this. Also, I recommend avoiding metro during rush hour (7:30-9:30 AM, 5:00-7:00 PM) - especially if you have a family and/or a stroller. Museums don't open until 10:00 AM anyways. It will be packed with people trying to get to/from work and the trains are crammed full...
  19. cyclones122

    Travel - Washington DC

    I've lived in DC for the last 12 years. There are a ton of good ideas on this thread, and I think cover most of what you might want to see. My advice: bring comfortable walking shoes - the city is very walkable. If you are visiting in summer, bring water bottles too - the heat and humidity...
  20. cyclones122

    Equipment sale June 1st

    Thank you for looking! I figured the black stuff would be limited.