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    Transfer In: Anthony Zach Welcome, Anthony!
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    New commit: Sam Hrabovsky Welcome Sam! We are going to have a ton of competition in the lower weights.
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    I interviewed Austin Gomez yesterday to catch up with him.

    It's great to hear he'll be wrestling at 133.
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    Will 2020-2021 Season Happen?

    If there are going to be 30,000 fans, 200 athletes and 40 coaches and staff in 61,500 capacity Jack Trice Stadium, you would think that you could more easily and safely get 2-3,000 fans, 20-some athletes and 8-12 coaches/support staff into 14,356 capacity Hilton Coliseum. I think I read...
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    Miklus to Michigan State
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    On to 2021

    We have a rather tough schedule next year, so this seems about perfect--Degen and Klepps go to their home state, the team gets to visit somewhere interesting, and competition will not be too daunting. Duke was 0-17 in duals last year. Two of the 4 Finesilver brothers graduated in 2019, and...
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    Jacob Perez-Eli Commits Welcome to the school and the team!. We are going to have a ton of competition in the room, particularly from 125-149, something that has been largely missing in the recent past.
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    Boone McDermott to Rutgers With our future need at heavyweight, I was surprised that we were not listed as one of his suitors.
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    Kysen Terukina

    Great get! Thanks for posting.
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    Post Classic Videos Here

    Beware: The first hour of Iowa vs. Iowa State Memorable Matches all Iowa wins except one, Krieger over Heffernan. The last half hour has Akin over Mena and Santana over Price.
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    Willits beat Parker 9-4 in Corvallis last year, but Ian has been a much better wrestler this year.
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    Attribution: WRESTLING: Cyclones end dual season with 22-16 win

    WRESTLING: Cyclones end dual season with 22-16 win Please update this news item to give attribution to I'm sure the university is happy to have the publicity, but they need to be cited as the source of the story.
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    2nd Coaches Rankings and 1st RPI Straw and Shapiro have some work to do, but each of the other starters seem likely to earn automatic bids (knock wood).
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    Wrestling Facilities at ISU

    That's exactly what I was thinking! I vaguely remember going to a basketball game there the year before Hilton opened. There were metal stands and people would pound their feet and it got louder than hell. In the 70's, early 80's, there were 2 tennis courts. ROTC used the building for a...
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    Alex Facundo to Penn St

    Is there a better long-term recruiting tool than winning? Degen and Carr have proven that they are both potential finalists, coach has talked about Parker and Colbray in the same vein, and Mackall, Small, and Gremmel have all shown AA potential (not to mention Coleman beat Skatzka handily in...
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    Penn State vs Iowa Dual

    I'm ready for the match of the year. Iowa has an amazingly strong team, but RBY, Lee, Joseph, Hall, Brooks, Rasheed and Nevills all have a decent to very good chance of winning. Meredith, Verkleeren and Pipher will be decided underdogs, with Meredith giving up 5-6 points, so Penn State...
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    Okie St Dual

    In the post-meet news conference, Dresser said "starting tomorrow at 6:30" that they would be in "micromanagement mode." That they would be doing weigh-ins during the day and perhaps multiple weigh-ins. He said that the wrestlers were not being responsible outside of practice, so that they...
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    Okie St Dual

    Thank you for the tip! I had to answer numerous questions about my "video game playing" to get access. The gist from the Gazette article: “In order to...
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    Okie St Dual

    I'd love to hear the interview, but I can't find it. Help please.
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    SDSU Dual

    From the linked Daily article: "Carr slowly walked off the mat after he gave the Cyclones a 19-11 advantage, but Dresser put all worries to bed. 'He got tired,' Dresser said. 'You got to give David credit for going out really hard and trying to bonus point and get extra points for the team...