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    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    There are a multitude of stories about former college athletes crashing and burning when they leave college and are just another guy trying to make it. I doubt "agitator" is a box most employers want to check when making a hire.
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    Iowa Safety Jack Koerner Involved in Serious Boating Accident

    A few years ago multiple people were electrocuted swimming too close to docks which weren't properly grounded on Lake of the Ozarks. Boating accidents are common. Most locals don't venture out on the lake on weekends during the summer due to people in boats who are unsafe.
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    UT's top receiver protesting by saying he won't play

    The conspiracy theories about the collapse of the Big 12 centers around Texas leaving for another conference. What conference would want them? They are a giant pain in the bleep and now this.
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    Miklus to Michigan State

    Great news for Willie.
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    Iowa Safety Jack Koerner Involved in Serious Boating Accident

    I live an hour from Lake of the Ozarks and I avoid it. This kind of thing happens a lot there.
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    Missouri Dual

    Punke and Leeth are not currently starters. I was at the meet and I was surprised to see Iowa State not using some top 10 wrestlers. I anticipated a very competitive dual meet. Missouri had the state wrestling tournament next door at Mizzou arena Saturday and a big crowd. If the Cyclones are...
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    For you realignment geeks (like me)....

    I can provide some perspective on realignment because I live in Columbia MO. I haven't attended a Missouri football or basketball game in years because I have no interest in the SEC. I'm not alone. Last year for our designated "rival" game vs Arkansas the athletic department gave out 5,000...
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    INSTANT REACTION PODCAST: Oklahoma State 34, Iowa State 27

    I understand the temptation to lean on Purdy but in the 4th quarter facing a tired defense it might have been a better option to run the ball. If Hall was fatigued there were fresh backs on the sideline. I know it's Monday morning quarterbacking but OSU was expecting the pass.
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    New Shirt! Kansas vs FBI

    I live in CoMO. A lot of people here would prefer to have Missouri still in the Big 12 because of the proximity to rivals and they are talking about that tshirt in the local media. Clever idea.
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    Not to be a Debbie Downer but prevent defense and ground game

    Two losses by a total of 3 points isn't the end of the world so I don't want to be a drama queen but my observation of the Baylor game 1 - It isn't limited to Iowa State but I consistently see teams in the last couple minutes go to the prevent defense. That is the best way possible to allow...
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    Texas vs. LSU

    The problem is the league has a habit of giving favorable officiating to a school they think can make the national championship. If Texas beats LSU that puts Texas in a favorable position and you will see shaky officiating.
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    College Football viewers guide: week 2

    West Virginia under the new coach is getting run over by a Missouri team which lost to Wyoming in week one. I figured Holgorsen was doing more with less. This appears to confirm it.
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    Texas vs. LSU

    I can't stand the Longhorns partly due to their history of having the Big 12 officials in their pocket but I'll give them and LSU credit for stepping up to play a top notch opponent. I'd love to see LSU crush them but I suspect it will be a close game.
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    The Jack goes to 11

    I'm in Columbia MO and I don't like to drive as far as Ames - will be 70 this year - but I'm tempted to drive up for a Cyclone game this year.
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    2019 Wrestling Nationals

    I live in CoMO and attend nearly all of Missouri home wrestling meets. I was at the meet where Willie hurt his knee at Jesse Auditorium. Met his family once standing in line to get into Mizzou Arena. They drove all the way from Iowa to watch Willie wrestle. Obviously a very close knit family...
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    Chubba Purdy

    I seriously doubt Miles will be at Kansas throughout Chubba Purdy's career. Is there a reason why people don't think he will commit to the Cyclones?
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    This is why Prohm must go........

    Okay, fire the coach and hire who? Hoiberg? It appears Nebraska has him. Tough loss but a good season.
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    Sad News- Willie's dad passed away

    I live in Columbia MO. I'm an Iowa State fan and don't care much for Missouri except in wrestling, volleyball and soccer. I go to all Missouri wrestling events in CoMO. I met Willie's Dad and family once standing in line to enter the arena. Great people. This is very sad news. My...
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    The Athletic’s take: ISU has more talent than KU

    Could be a team other than Kansas as conference champions this season and there could be a new trophy in the case in Ames.
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    Does HCMC need a OC to call plays?

    I started this thread after the Iowa game in which there was obvious reason to question what in the wide wide world of sports was going on the the offense. It was also obvious the offense greatly improved during the season. The only other game which seemed to replicate Iowa was Texas and...