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    Response to Schumer's complaint about notice

    Sen Schumer upset he was not given any advance notice on the Irainian operation......a commentator put it pretty bluntly: Neither were the Irainians, and for pretty much the same reason.
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    Send Manning packing

    4th and a foot and we take the ball 5 yards back........6 foot 6 tight end and we dont throw to him in the end zone
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    How many planes did we fill for Alamo last year

    and how many are we hoping for this year?
  4. C

    Why no automatic 1st down on defense holding....

    We were given penalty yards but no first down on KU's defensive holding late in game.
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    Site has become a political forum

    Could the moderators put political posts on a political site and sports posts on this site.......
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    Coaches did we learn anything on our last possession......

    Did Baylor lay back in that horse crap bend but dont break defense? No, they brought the house. What did we do on their last drive? 3 man rush, drop back 10 and give up the 10 yard passes, and the game. No pressure on the qb..
  7. C

    Big 12 in position to win all 3 post season tournaments

    And all 3 would be Texas teams........will never hear the end of that.
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    Question on Prime

    I wanted to watch season one of Game of Thrones on Prime but found it was not free unless I tried a 7 day free trial of HBO. I already buy HBO through do I connect the two?
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    Anyone watching Prime's Hanna?

    Caught the first 4 installments.....just too many things happening without explanation. Baby Hanna taken by father to forest and the next scene shows a 15 year old girl bringing down a deer.. How the hell did dad feed the baby in a cave hundreds of miles from nearest town? Where did dad get the...
  10. C

    Anyone see the 1989 game in Tulsa?

    We drove down...easy trip. Grayer's freshman year and we played, yes, Ohio State. They had two tremendous guards and we got beat.
  11. C

    Silver lining in our flop?

    Heard some now have us a 7th seed playing St Johns in Des Moines.
  12. C

    that loss could easily have been the 5th in a row for Fran

    But for 3 unconscious 3 pointers Fran could easily be on a 5 game losing streak this morning. Think Barta's treatment of his f____k outrage would be different than what will likely happen?
  13. C

    Are we KU's major conference rival?

    Did not look up Self's record against anyone other than us, but against us, through this regular season, he is 25-7. In Big 12 play, we are 3-2 so far. (sorry should have been basketball)
  14. C

    Anyone know why KXNO dropped DP's 3rd hour?

    Are they on the skids? Why replace the 3rd hour of the #1 sports talk radio show with locals who have nothing to offer?
  15. C

    Outback Attendance less than Sun Bowl

    Outback announced at 40,518 while the Sun Bowl was 40,680 Non NY 6 bowls attracting more than 40k Outback lowest while Alamo highest at 60,675 However, I would trade the attendance win for a win on the field.
  16. C

    Question for YouTube TV subscribers

    Assuming you left either a cable or satellite provider, what do you not get on Youtube that you really miss from other providers?
  17. C

    Recieved an email from Anthony on charter flight

    Guess we lucked out as we are on the Cardinal, leaving at 8:10 and arriving SA 10:25........ Oops Received
  18. C

    Current weather forecast......

    70-67-63 with 40-50% chance of rain.......not too shabby
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    Riverwalk sidewalk bars near team hotel

    Anyone have a recommendation for a great sidewalk bar/restaurant on Riverwalk near the Marriott Riverwalk
  20. C

    NCAA sites since 1984

    How or where can I find each site ISU played an NCAA bb tournament game at since 1984. TIA