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  1. clone4sure

    Breece Hall makes Freshman AA on 247 Sports

    RB – Breece Hall, Iowa State 247Sports Freshman All Americans Iowa State waved goodbye to David Montgomery and hello to Hall, one of two four-star running backs the Cyclones signed last cycle. The Kansas native rushed for 842 yards and nine touchdowns, eclipsing the 100-yard mark four times...
  2. clone4sure

    Blue Blood Notre Dame

    I went to the ND boards and they seem pretty upset they have to play us. I know we aren't what they hoped for, but I would hope they would take the time to watch some of our reruns vs teams like Oklahoma,Baylor and Texas. I think we have the ability and coaching to beat this team. any thoughts ?
  3. clone4sure

    Texas Game

    Texas will use 4 receivers to beat our defense. they think the key to beating us is to get our secondary to play deep. any thoughts ?
  4. clone4sure

    OU wanting more Turnovers.

    Lincoln Riley wants his defense to be more aggressive at stripping the ball against us. we will need to play our A+ game to have a chance of an upset Saturday night. any thoughts ?
  5. clone4sure

    Game watch in Omaha ?

    Will there be any place to watch the ISU vs Iowa game ?
  6. clone4sure

    Jackson and Babb

    I like how they are playing in this tournament. we will need them to play hard against the Thuggy Bears. I like how Babb came in and hit some 3's.
  7. clone4sure

    Wayne Stanley

    I listened to an audio clip of how things were under Johnny Majors and Earle Bruce in the 70's. They were both tough and fair with the players and had good results from being that way. I see coach Campbell as being the same way. any thoughts ?
  8. clone4sure

    Speed kills

    Who are the fastest players in pads for our team this year. I remember listening to Barry Switzer from Oklahoma saying speed does two things. eats up lots of yards and tires the other team out by try to keep up. I'm hoping we have some players that can do that for us this year.
  9. clone4sure

    Safer Helmet

    ISU is a Science and Technology University. I wonder if some of these people in that department could design a helmet that better protects football players from concussions or head injuries.
  10. clone4sure

    Anyone know who will be reffing the game for us ?

    Please, oh please, not Tom Eades.
  11. clone4sure

    Rough and Tumble Game

    I'm willing to bet the Refs will let the teams play. I expect Virginia to get physical and think we'll need to as well. last nights Kansas game against MD. the tv color analyst made the comment that the player shouldn't have been called for a foul. he said " no more contact than being on a...
  12. clone4sure

    Game watch in omaha ?

    Saints Pub in Mid Town Crossing ?
  13. clone4sure

    Perimeter shooting against UVA

    I watched them play on You Tube. IMO,we will need to draw them out to the 3 pt. line to open up anything in the paint for Georges. we will need A+ game from all 5 starters. Bench will need to give us pts. and minutes. I think this is going to be our toughest match up this year. very disciplined...
  14. clone4sure

    Georges Niang (without foul trouble)

    I will always wonder how many points Georges would have had, if he could of played the entire game. One things for sure, he certainly held his own against Buddy Hield.
  15. clone4sure

    Iowa Reruiting class

    I don't understand how Iowa can win the Big 10, and go to play for the NC, and still have a class rated in the mid 40's. I would have thought they would have recruited a top 20 class ?:confused:
  16. clone4sure

    Class recruiting rank

    Do we have a class ranking in the upper 30's. we were rated 43 by Rivals before the addition of 4 star commitment today. QB juco Parks brought us down from 53rd to 43rd. anyone have a guess where we'll end up ?
  17. clone4sure

    Off Topic...Oklahoma and Kansas to BIG ?

    Nebraska board says Oklahoma has a standing invitation to BIG, and would like to have Kansas for Basketball. has anyone heard anything about this ?
  18. clone4sure

    NFL has experimented with the 8th Referee

    NFL experimenting with 8th officialUpdated: August 25, 2011, 11:29 AM ETAssociated Press1114COMMENTS37EMAILPRINTNEW YORK -- Cover 2 has long been a popular defensive scheme in the NFL. Soon, officiating crews might have their own version.The NFL is experimenting with an eighth on-field official...
  19. clone4sure

    8th Referee

    There must be some underlying problem with the 8th Ref. Nick Saban HC Alabama and most SEC teams want no part of it. The NFL hasn't tried it and they move at a much faster pace than the NCAA. Whats up ?
  20. clone4sure

    Refuse the Fine

    What do they do if Jamie and the University refuse to pay ?. Look, we have an Elite Basketball Program and we are an AAU member. just saying.