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  1. 3rdCoastClone

    Pollard Details Recommended Cuts

    No Fans for Football = Big Cuts 1. Layoffs and/or additional payroll reductions 2. Eliminating sports 3. Closing C.Y. Stephens’ Auditorium
  2. 3rdCoastClone

    ISU Sports Medicine

    Big thank you to all the ISU sports physicians, athletic training staffs, consultants and specialists. Without your professionalism, none of this would be possible. Go Cyclones! It's going to be a great year...
  3. 3rdCoastClone

    Hawkeyes Pause Workouts

    93 positives throughout the athletic department. The athletes don't seem to be any safer if they don't play...
  4. 3rdCoastClone

    NDSU Adding Fall Game

    The Bison announced they're playing football this fall. Gaining a full month of practice too. Nice. "NDSU's goal was to maximize opportunities to play games after the Missouri Valley Football Conference Presidents Council voted to move the conference schedule to the spring and allow schools, at...
  5. 3rdCoastClone

    Big Ten Meltdowns

    The irrational meltdowns on Big Ten message boards are predictable and entertaining. The P3 conferences are living in their heads.
  6. 3rdCoastClone

    Nine Sooners test positive after being away from the football team

    It is being reported that after given a one week hiatus away from football, nine Oklahoma players just came back to the team and tested positive for covid. Fortunately, now that they've returned to the controlled structure of football, the players will be given the proper medical care and...
  7. 3rdCoastClone

    Jamie Pollard Letter: Fall Sports Update Jamie Pollard: Iowa State Athletics, 14 Aug 2020
  8. 3rdCoastClone

    Big XII ADs Split on Schedule - Presidents Voting on Monday

    According to cbssports, the Big XII Presidents will be making a football scheduling decision on Monday. Does anyone know anything about a 5-5 split vote between the Athletic Directors? Is the claim even true...
  9. 3rdCoastClone

    News Release from Texas Athletics...

    The Longhorns are planning on playing a nonconference scheduled this year. "Texas Athletics is currently preparing for the 2020 Texas Football season to begin on Sept. 5 against USF. We are so excited for a homecoming at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium and can’t wait to see y’all! I want you to know...
  10. 3rdCoastClone

    SEC vs Big XII 2020 Football Schedule (8 teams)

    There are some prime time match-ups in the SEC vs Big XII this year. These games may never get played, but there is incentive to play the nonconference schedule. It must be getting close to decision time for these two conferences? 9/6 Ole Miss vs Baylor - NRG Stadium, Houston (Sunday)...
  11. 3rdCoastClone

    NCAA to Allow Two FCS Games for Bowl Eligibility in 2020

    Before the Big 10 cancelled their nonconference games, Tennessee Tech (FCS) was scheduled to play Minnesota on September 12th. Thats the same day the Cyclones were supposed to be playing the Hawkeyes in IC before they quit too. Maybe the Golden Eagles could keep all their travel arrangements and...
  12. 3rdCoastClone

    USD Athletics Director Letter to Coyote Nation

    Sounds like the Coyotes are ready to play some football.... South Dakota's Athletics Director David Herbster says, "While we cannot eliminate all risk associated with athletic competition, we are making every effort to provide as safe an environment as possible while allowing each attendee to...
  13. 3rdCoastClone

    College Football Debt Making Bond Markets Nervous

    Some interesting stats regarding athletics debt and annual debt services. According to the ratings agency Moody's, "In April, a planned $15.4 million bond offering to be backed by athletic facility revenues at the University of Iowa was pulled from the market, probably due to lack of interest...
  14. 3rdCoastClone

    November Field Conditions - TCF Bank Stadium

    Watching the Penn State vs Minnesota game. Nice field for November. ;) Almost looks like the real stuff.
  15. 3rdCoastClone

    Big 12 Helmet Schedule

    Bye weeks and trap games... any possible advantages? Both ISU and OU have a bye before the game in Norman.
  16. 3rdCoastClone

    Football and Tailgate Tickets: Baylor, Texas Tech and Oklahoma

    Away game tickets for Baylor, Texas Tech and Oklahoma are available. The ISUAA of DFW is a 1st class operation. Went to the UT tailgate last year and had a great time and some really good BBQ too.
  17. 3rdCoastClone

    Team Arrivals - San Antonio Express News

    Cyclones arriving at the Marriott Rivercenter and the Cougers at the Hyatt Regency. Go Cyclones!
  18. 3rdCoastClone

    Advice for Strolling the Riverwalk

    The San Antonio Riverwalk is a great place and it's family friendly too, but for the parents that have little kids, the area does pose some challenges for strollers. There are pedestrian arches (bridges) with steps and there are also steps going from the street level down to the river level...
  19. 3rdCoastClone

    Texas Alcohol Laws - Parents and Spouses

    They do things a little different down here in Texas. It's perfectly legal for a minor to go to a bar or restaurant and consume as long as they're with a parent or spouse that is over 21. I'd be the...
  20. 3rdCoastClone

    Hello, again.

    Moved to the gulf coast of Texas a couple of years ago after my third kid graduated from ISU. I'm a longtime CFer that decided to change my name to 3rd Coast Clone after I made the move, formerly NWIAclone. Great to be back and I look forward to posting again. I'm so pumped for all the good...