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  1. FerShizzle

    Ways to help the overwhelmed medical field

    I thought it might be nice to have a place to post links to or examples of ways to help. And I worry that just posting links in the other threads will result in them getting buried due to how fast those threads are moving. I feel like a lot of people want to help, but are concerned about coming...
  2. FerShizzle

    How many minutes per game would Marcus Foster play if he played Hoiball?

    Can't believe how much Weber has kept him on the bench this season. Must be more to this story that isn't being told.
  3. FerShizzle

    Offense is the best defense

    Ridley had 2 points tonight. Was worried about this matchup going into this game. Fred makes it difficult for true 5's to play against him.
  4. FerShizzle


    That is all
  5. FerShizzle

    Minnesota v Iowa

    Might as well get this started. Gophers have far better guards and are playing a must win game at home.
  6. FerShizzle

    Kansas v Texas Tech

    Really sloppy start. Jayhawks will struggle to score points at times this season. Look very beatable.
  7. FerShizzle

    Iowa v Tenn

    Hope it can finish as exciting as Houston and Pitt.
  8. FerShizzle

    UNC vs OSU

    Not sure who to root for in this one. Mostly hoping Paige has a good game and gets on track. Seems like a good kid.
  9. FerShizzle


    Anyone else think that the ISU brand of basketball closely resembles hockey? Specifically our passing and spacing. A big man who can handle the puck and is one of the biggest advantages you can have in hockey, next to having a dominant goalie. White and Niang and come to mind. It's also...