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  1. ISUChippewa

    2019 Hyundai Elantra?

    I'm seriously considering one of these as my next car by the end of the month, but before I pull the trigger I thought I would see if anyone on here owns or has driven one of these. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. ISUChippewa

    A great read on Brock Purdy from The Athletic

    You do have to go through a paywall to read it, but I think a subscription to The Athletic is a great investment for any self-respecting sports fan. You might even be able to take advantage of any holiday deals they might have going on at the moment...
  3. ISUChippewa

    "Good Boys"

    I saw this movie last night, and I have not laughed that hard in a movie theater since seeing "The Hangover" a long time ago. I was literally crying from laughing so hard towards the end of the movie. It's profane and "dumb" humor, but if you like that kind of humor and enjoy movies like...
  4. ISUChippewa

    Great article from The Athletic on yesterday's win

    There is a paywall involved, but I think you might be able to get a free weekly trial. And even if that's no longer available, I think it's worth the cost. The Athletic is quickly becoming one of my new favorite sports websites...
  5. ISUChippewa

    To all the Prohm Haters...

    And you know who you are... Coach Fred Hoiberg, for as much of a legend as he deservedly is, will NEVER coach at Iowa State again, and the sooner you dumba$$es can get that through your thick skulls the better. Steve Prohm is our coach. He may not have played basketball at Iowa State or be...
  6. ISUChippewa

    This one is on me guys...

    We were leading the game right up until I got back home from my evening work shift and turned the game on. As soon as I did our lead started to melt away. If I had not watched the game, we would have won. I'm only half-joking here. I'm enough of a nut to believe in superstition when it comes to...
  7. ISUChippewa

    War for the Planet of the Apes

    Did anyone else see it when it opened this last weekend? I've been a big fan of the remakes ever since "Rise" back in 2011, and this movie is near perfect. Just an amazing movie in every way, and a perfect end to the series.
  8. ISUChippewa

    New Assistant Coach Search?

    SIAP, but are there any recent updates on finding a replacement for TJ yet?
  9. ISUChippewa

    Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook Preview

    I think I've mentioned it before in this forum, but before every college basketball season begins I always make sure to buy the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook. It is IMO the best college BB yearbook out there, head and shoulders ahead of everything else. Every single Division I team...
  10. ISUChippewa

    Good article from Hines on Prohm's background

    I came across this article today online and thought it was worth sharing. My apologies if it's already been linked.
  11. ISUChippewa

    "The Sandlot" character rankings.

    So, now that basketball season is over and done with, I find myself surfing the net looking for interesting, funny stories here and there and came across this gem from Grantland. Pretty funny stuff, especially the part about Squints...
  12. ISUChippewa

    Predictions on final ranking?

    I don't remember if it's the USA Today Coaches Poll or the AP that does one last ranking the Tuesday morning after the championship game, but for whichever one it is, where do you fellow Cyclone fans think we'll be ranked in it? I would guess somewhere between 15th-20th, possibly closer to 20th...
  13. ISUChippewa

    Marcus Paige

    My apologies if this has already been discussed or answered in a different thread, but did CFH ever offer or even recruit Marcus Paige? I watched the last part of the UNC-Arkansas game last night, and for a very important stretch of that game Paige was the dominant player. I would have loved to...
  14. ISUChippewa

    Does tonight lock up a 3 seed?

    No matter what happens tomorrow night?
  15. ISUChippewa

    Virginia @ Virginia Tech

    Virginia down 36-43 with 9 minutes left in the 2nd half. Hopefully Tech hangs on. As bad as our loss was to the Red Raiders yesterday I have to think that this would be a bigger upset.
  16. ISUChippewa

    Laptop recommendations?

    Hey fellow Clone fans, This is probably not going to get a whole lot of interest, and rightfully so what with the whole BDJ kerfuffle, but the main X-mas gift I'm asking for is money that is going to go towards the purchase of a new laptop. So...I'm curious; does anyone have any...
  17. ISUChippewa


    I saw this yesterday afternoon and came away very, very impressed. One of the best war movies to come along in a long time, IMO. Great action and story as well as very memorable characters, with brilliant acting all-around. Shia Lebouf might be a weirdo in real life, but he's nothing less than...
  18. ISUChippewa

    X-Men; Days of Future Past

    Did anybody else see this today? I caught the afternoon at the local matinee this afternoon. Great, great movie. Not just the best movie of the summer so far (albeit the season is young), but IMO one of the best movies of the year. To add to the superlatives, I would say this is the best X-Men...
  19. ISUChippewa

    2nd best ISU team of all time?

    I was talking about this with the family after the game, and it's my opinion that this is the 2nd best ISU team of all-time so far at this point in history. Best team is the Fizer/Tinsley team of 1999-2000, I don't think that can be argued. The 2000-01 team may have won the Big 12 regular...
  20. ISUChippewa

    All Sweet 16 starters ranked by

    I came across it this morning online. I think it's an interesting concept that I hadn't seen anywhere else before, and I can't complain with most of his rankings, although I do think that Long has earned a mention in his bench players section at the top of the page...