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    Mi-Fiber vs CenturyLink

    I am moving to a new house in about 3 weeks where fiber will be an option for internet. I have had CenturyLink for a long time but considering Mi-Fiber. Anyone have experience with Mi-Fiber? Thanks
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    MiniDV to Digital Question

    I have a box of around 15 MiniDVs that I am trying to figure out what to do with. I have the JVC camcorder still but it works sporadically. I am looking for some suggestions on transferring these MiniDVs to another format. Anyone had any success with a Des Moines area digital transferring...
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    Orange Beach, AL for spring break

    My wife and I are looking at a spring break trip to Orange Beach, AL. We have 3 girls ages 15,12 and 10. From what I have read, it is not a big college spring break destination. Anyone been there over spring break? How is the weather in March? Any advice on things to do? Thanks
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    Where to rent a gym in DSM area?

    I am looking for options for gyms that are available to rent in the Des Moines area. We have anywhere from 10-15 guys looking to play pickup basketball, preferably on Sunday nights. We have checked out elementary schools but looking for other options. Thanks
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    Beach recommendation from Disney World

    Family of 5 (3 girls) are heading to Disney World for spring break. We have all the Disney plans in place, staying on resort, fast passes, etc. We are looking at heading to a beach one day. I received a recommendation that the gulf coast side was better. Any recommendations on specific...
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    Minnesota Resorts or Cabins for Summer Vacation

    In the past, I have found Cyclone Fanatic to be a great source of ideas for summer vacations. My family (wife and girls 12,10,8) are looking at going to Minnesota this summer for vacation. We went to Spicer several years ago so that area is an option but also like the idea of Brainerd. We are...
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    WTB: 4 tickets for Texas

    Looking for high school friend whose oldest son will be taking a visit to Iowa State.
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    Wisconsin Dells Suggestions

    Since basketball season is over and Iowa State football is still well, Iowa State football, it is time to start planning summer vacation. We are thinking about Wisconsin Dells for a family of 3 girls (11,9 and 6). Any suggestions on places to stay, best water park, non-water park activities...
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    After-market Overhead DVD System

    Anyone have any experience with after-market overhead DVD systems? We had a Honda Odyssey with an OEM DVD system but it got hit and totaled. We are looking for a replacement Odyssey and see some without the DVD system. Was wondering if anyone had one and how it worked? Thanks
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    Mechanical Engineering and MIS Questions

    I was at a graduation party over the weekend. I was talking to one of the kids at the party that is in his sophomore year of ME at ISU. He is thinking about switching to MIS. I tried to give him some information. I was MIS and had ME roommates but that was 20 years ago. I figured I would...
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    South Dakota Vacation Recommendations

    My wife and I are planning a family vacation to South Dakota this summer. We have 3 girls that will be 10, 8 and 6 this summer. We are looking for a vacation rental in the Black Hills area. Ideally, we are looking for something with at least 2 bedrooms and a kitchen/dining area to eat and...
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    Pzazz in Burlington

    Anyone ever stay at the Pzazz in Burlington. I am looking for a place with a water park for a couple night spring break trip. It looks like as part of their "Funcity" they have Huck's Harbor. We have gone to Dubuque, Honey Creek and Wasserbahn recently. We were looking for another option that...
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    What is McDermott's buyout?

    Does anyone actually have factual information about McDermott's buyout? I found this link McDermott's new contract less than past coaches'. yr1 650,000 yr2 700,000 yr3 750,000 yr4 800,000 total 2.9 mil guaranteed 4.65 mil, buyout would be 1.75 mil I do not think the additional years...
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    Interesting thoughts from Miller & Deace

    This morning Miller & Deace were discussing the success Zach Johnson was having. Miller managed to turn it into a Cyclone/Hawkeye debate. He mentioned that it was something for Iowa fans to be proud of. He proceeded to say that he went to Cyclone Fanatic and found a thread about Zach. The thread...
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    Marty & Miller's comments about coordinator changes

    I realize Marty is an idiot but I caught part of their show this afternoon and they had a couple interesting comments/questions about the restructuring of the staff. First, when have you ever seen both coordinators replaced by a head coach in one year? Usually it is only one but not both...
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    I still have a problem with Kirk

    I watched the Hawkeye media day coverage last night on the news. I tried to follow what Jon and most of the other Hawk fans say: there was no cover up by Kirk, he did all he could when he kicked the players off, he used bad judgment sending the players back to the room and finally I have had a...
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    Why is everyone so surprised Iowa got beat by Western Michigan?

    I was listening to Marty & Miller last night and Miller made a big deal about how he did not see the Iowa loss coming. The Hawk message boards and media all seem shocked that Iowa could lose to WMU. It seems to me that there is a lot of underestimation of just how bad Iowa was this year. In my...
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    Only criticism: offensive play calling

    That was a terrific effort today. Chizik and his staff did a great job of getting us ready after the thrashing by Texas. This is one of those games that we will always remember as we "should have won." I do not want to come off sounding like a Hawkeye (criticize O'Keefe) but I thought we tried...
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    Response from KCCI's News Director about kids throwing debris from bridge

    Saw in another post the discussion of the boys throwing stuff off the bridge. After watching the story on the evening news, I sent an e-mail to KCCI's news director about how disgusted I was that their crew just stood there and watched. Here is the response I got the next day. I guess his...
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    The Ghost of Dan McCarney

    I was very disappointned in the loss on Thursday. Not overly surprised but disappointed all the same. The thing that is most troublesome for me was this looked exactly like a Dan McCarney coached team. We were incredibly vanilla and conservative on both sides of the ball. A couple times, I...