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  1. BuffettClone

    TV for the Drake game

    The schedule on here only says mediacom for tv. Is it not even on Cyclones TV for subscribers? Thanks in advance.
  2. BuffettClone

    Helluva season

    Still proud of the Cyclone basketball team, thanks for the memories!
  3. BuffettClone

    Good luck charms/rituals

    For the undefeated part of the season I have worn a lucky pair of red boxer briefs, ISU socks and drank 2 bottles of Coors Light (one per half) for every game. During the 3 game losing streak either one of the clothing items was dirty or I ran out of Coors Light bottles, cans apparently don't...
  4. BuffettClone

    Another seizure for Coach Kill

    He is not coaching against Michigan today due to another seizure this morning. Gotta wonder if he should retire for his own health. I'm sure there are people who know more about it than I do, is there a chance he'd retire or are these seizures not life threatening? If he does retire, you'd think...
  5. BuffettClone

    Cyclones TV full screen video?

    I just subscribed to Cyclone TV and have watched a couple videos. I love watching some of the older games and the interviews, but I can't seem to watch them in full screen. The videos work just fine until I click the full screen button and I lose the video but keep the audio. Any tips or advice?
  6. BuffettClone

    Lent sacrifice?

    I was trying to decide what to give up for lent and need some help. I'm thinking about giving up pop but open to other suggestions. What are other CF'ers giving up?
  7. BuffettClone


    The Pope is going to resign due to health difficulties. I thought it was a position kept until he dies. I didn't know he could do that but I guess it last happened in 1415. Just some surprising news this morning
  8. BuffettClone

    Weekend visitors

    Did anyone see any of the visitors at the basketball game today? If so were there any chants or anything to show them the love from the Cyclone faithful? I really hope to hear we get a couple good commits by the end of the weekend and the big win couldn't have hurt our chances even though its...
  9. BuffettClone

    Happy Thanksgiving Cyclones!

    We as fans have a lot to be thankful for this year, the football team is going bowling for the 3rd time under CPR with one more winable game tomorrow and basketball is getting started in an exciting way with high expectations. I hope all of Cyclone Nation has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
  10. BuffettClone

    Tuberville slaps assistant coach

    Total lack of class from Tommy Tuberville Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville slaps assistant on sideline during game against Kansas - College Football News | FOX Sports on MSN
  11. BuffettClone

    Big 12 Power Rankings

    Saw this on and I liked what Joseph Yeager wrote about our Clones. He calls our defensive squad one of the best in nation and states "If ISU had a quarterback, they might be in the spot currently occupied by KSU" which is at the top. Number 6 ranking isn't bad either in my opinion...
  12. BuffettClone

    Blake Gimbel

    Does anybody know if there is any interest in Gimbel by the from the Cyclones, or vice versa? I keep hearing really good things about him, like he makes passes through some tight windows and has a great arm. I've personally never seen him play though. I also heard a rumor that he wants to come...
  13. BuffettClone

    Level and Status labels

    I was wondering if there is a chart of some sort that lists out the amount of points needed for each level. I have looked on the site and haven't found anything. I realize the status bar tells users how many points needed for the next level, but I'm looking ahead to how many are needed for level...
  14. BuffettClone

    Help: Earning CyCash

    I realized I may have made a mistake, I went all in betting for the good guys against Tulsa and wagered all of my CyCash. I'm currently sitting at 0 CyCash and am as poor as can be. In the case ISU loses against Tulsa, heaven forbid that ever happening and shame on me for even thinking its a...
  15. BuffettClone

    May have found Amelia Earhart

    Looks like they may have found her plane and final resting place. Its just amazing the things we can do with advanced technology. This 75 year old mystery just might be closer to being solved Pieces of Amelia Earhart's plane located? - Technology & science - Science - -...
  16. BuffettClone

    If you were ISU head football coach...

    Would you emphasize recruiting the state of Iowa or just try to get the best talent possible? Coach Mac put a little too much importance on Iowa kids sometimes taking any in-state player regardless of talent level and I don't know if Chiz really looked at the in-state crop. Would you play it...
  17. BuffettClone

    Florida OL Trevon Young

    Scout says he has named a leader for his services. I'm not a paying member so I can't read the article, but I think we have a pretty good shot. Does anyone have any info who he named as his leader? Thanks in advance
  18. BuffettClone

    Different Dips for chips

    My wife and I have always had differing opinions for chip dips. She likes to dip her potato chips in cottage cheese and I like to dip mine in pork 'n beans. We both think the other is so weird for our dipping preferences. Do any of you dip your chips in a "different" sort of dip? If so, what...
  19. BuffettClone

    Badminton Teams DQ'ed

    Looks like 4 teams were disqualified for intentionally losing matches to earn an easier road to the championship. What do you think, did they really do anything wrong or was it just strategy? Olympic badminton teams disqualified for throwing matches - CBS News
  20. BuffettClone

    Hassan Martin on TV right now

    Hassan Martin and his New Heights AAU team are playing on CBS Sports channel right now. Its on right before Monte Morris plays his game