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    College Football is Back!!!

    I never thought I'd ever care so much about an FCS matchup between Central Arkansas and Austin Peay. But I just can't turn it off.
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    Expand the Playoffs this year?

    So I was thinking, let's assume this season happens (and I doubt it does). With all the conferences eliminating non-confidence seasons, is this the year to experiment with an 8 team playoff? Without the non-conference season, there won't be the opportunity to see a comparison of conferences to...
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    Live Sports in the US!

    MLS started up tonight. Normally haven't been a fan of MLS, but I just can't turn away cause it's sports. The lack of crowds isn't as bad as I thought it'd be.
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    ESPN Radio Shakeup So it sounds like there's another complete shakeup in the ESPN radio lineup. I can't see this going well for ESPN. Hopefully there's more podcasts to make up for the lack of good content on the...
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    Bigger Impact on college Football, COVID or Racism?

    What's going to have the bigger Impact on college football this fall, COVID or fallout from the racial unrest? Now that young black people have been emboldened to speak up for themselves, I can't imagine this is going to go well for a lot of coaching staffs. We've seen the issues at Iowa...
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    Coronavirus: Online resources for kids

    Post your best finds for online educational resources you're using. Our schools are sending out stuff later in the week, but trying to find a couple hours a day for our kids. Kindergartner is starting ABC mouse today on a trial period. So far he's enjoying it. Still looking around for 2nd, 4th...
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    Jay Bilas

    Just saw an interview of him on PTI. I forget every year about just how negative the guy is. He seems to just hate everything about NCAA basketball that he covers.
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    William-Hill App

    Anyone else have issues with logging in at times? Second week in a row that the app doesn't let me log in between the morning and afternoon NFL games.
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    Tulane / Houston Trick Play

    Tied game, Tulane lines up in victory formation presumably to go to OT. They run a trick play to setup a game winning pass in regulation. Legit or Busch league? Personally, I'm not a fan. In the victory formation, the defenders are told to ease up and Tulane takes advantage. If the Houston...
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    Rough day for the Big10

    #21 Maryland lost to Temple #18 Michigan St lost to ASU because of a 12 man on the field penalty on their kick to tie Illinois lost to Eastern Illinois Minnesota struggled against Georgia Southern Penn State struggled against Pitt Plus the night games don't look like gimmes.
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    There are no bad wins, right?

    But my heart can't keep doing this.
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    Other Big12 / SEC Challenge Games

    Big12 looking good so far. Up at halftime of all 3 early games. A good showing would go a long way in swaying the conversation about the bubble and seeding as we go into Marxh.
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    CBB Hook and hold rules

    I caught the last few minutes of the Vandy vs Tennessee game last night. Vandy was up 6 with just over a minute to go. On a rebound, the Tennessee player went to the ground and the refs called a flagrant 1 for a hook and hold against Vandy, sparking a 4 point play and a Tennessee win in OT. I...
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    Post your Black Friday (Thursday?) Steals

    Seems Black Friday is turning into Cyber Thursday this year. Almost all the deals I've seen started this morning online. So what'd you get? Picked up a Galaxy S9+ for $469 and a new stereo receiver for $100 off.
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    End of KU/TCU game

    I'm really confused about how this ended. KU had a 4th down with 7 seconds left on their own 16. Their QB ran into the endzone and threw the ball out of the back of the endzone with 1 second left. The refs called a safety. Why wasn't that an incomplete pass and TCU ball on the 16? Does throwing...
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    Upset Alert - MSU vs USU

    Utah State is driving to potentially take the lead in the 4th qtr. Pretty good game so far.
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    Predict first CFP rankings

    After another crazy Saturday (and still going on), how do you think this first release will fall out? I've got: 1. Georgia 2. Alabama 3. Wisconsin 4. Notre Dame 5. Miami 6. Clemson I think the Pac12 is out with little chance to get back in. The Big12 needs to hope ND loses or they'll also be...
  18. C


    Tucson, Arizona, trailer fire 'caused by spider burning' Seems the owner knew what they were doing.
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    Annual ESPN Big12 Hating

    So ESPN has their first CFP Top 25 show of the season today. And, as usual, the panel of Big Ten and SEC supporters again think the Big12 is on the outside looking in. I don't understand the BigTen love this year. I can understand Washington, Alabama, and Clemson, but PSU and Wisconsin are a...
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    Greatest Day of the Year

    Start of college football today. Even though the games aren't blockbusters, it's nice to sit down and watch a game regardless of the teams involved. The OSU/CSU game is at least competitive.