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  1. mramseyISU

    If you had to pick up and move where would you go?

    So with all the economic uncertainty right now my wife and I were talking the other night about this. If we had to pick up and move where would we go? Both of us have traveled a lot but never lived anywhere but the Midwest and I wouldn't mind doing something different. Personally I'd pick either...
  2. mramseyISU

    How much Below asking should you offer when buying a house?

    So as the result of my wife getting loaded at our son's baseball game a couple weeks back while sitting next to a realtor I may be putting an offer in on a house in a few days. The house in question is being listed for just a bit under $400k but it was originally listed for $470k and that was...
  3. mramseyISU

    iPad Shopping

    So I'm a little behind the times and I've never had an iPad. I've been limping along with a Kindle Fire but the storage space is so small on it I can't really use it unless I'm connected to wifi. I've got a work trip to Europe coming up and I'll be stuck in a few different airports. So I'm...
  4. mramseyISU

    MLB: Pace of play rules for 2018

    Looks like we're seeing some pace of play rules finally from MLB. I'm surprised they didn't implement the pitch clock, and honestly if it cuts down on the amount of the game Lackey spends picking his nose between pitches I'm all for it. I would have liked for them to go a little further with...
  5. mramseyISU

    How do I get into this?

    Odd question but I figure this is as good a place to start as any. I’ve got a 3rd grader who started wrestling this year. I’m not originally from Iowa so I’ve never been around the sport before going to watch my boy at practice this year. The kid loves it but I have no idea what the hell is...
  6. mramseyISU

    Devon Moore on Sportcenter

    Just saw this posted this morning. One of our football signees made it on sportscenter last night.
  7. mramseyISU

    Misc: So F1 just got bought by the guy who owns the Braves I know I'm not the only one that follows F1 around here and I thought this was interesting even though anybody who's paying attention knew this was happening over the weekend. I'm not sure even if the guy in charge is an...
  8. mramseyISU

    Rio should be fun (Kidnappings)

    So I'm wondering that the line in Vegas is going to be on how many kidnappings happen during the Olympics this year. Sounds like they're off to a good start.
  9. mramseyISU

    Dale Jr. Concussion problems

    This is pretty big news I think. Normally when you think of concussion problems you think of the NFL.
  10. mramseyISU

    Prohm on Rome

    Just saw it on twitter. Didn't say what time though.
  11. mramseyISU

    Simpsons quote search engine.

    Welp my productivity is shot today.
  12. mramseyISU

    Mediacom Question

    Does anybody know if there is a way to password protect or block the youtube app on these new mediacom tivo boxes? I'm trying to keep my kids from watching crap on there they shouldn't be when I'm not around.
  13. mramseyISU


    Well this could be interesting.
  14. mramseyISU

    Top Gear guys back with show on Amazon Prime

    I'm pretty excited to see Clarkson and the gang back on TV.
  15. mramseyISU

    Jules Bianchi death

    I know I'm not the only F1 fan around here. I just saw the funeral for Jules Bianchi was this morning. Terrible tragedy for such a young kid. I was too young to really appreciate Senna when he died so this was pretty horrific to watch the wreck last fall...
  16. mramseyISU

    CPR speech made this week in unnecessary censorship.

    He bleeps his players win or lose.
  17. mramseyISU

    We're all doomed.

    Subatomic calculations indicate finite lifespan for universe - Yahoo! News Start saying your prayers sounds like we only have a few billion years until the universe is no more. If only we would have listened to the tree huggers maybe this wouldn't have happened.
  18. mramseyISU

    Pulling data off a PC that won't boot.

    Ok this is for all of you IT guys. I have a laptop that gives me the blue screen of death when I try to boot it up. I have another computer and want to know how to get the stuff out of my documents on the one that won't boot. I really don't want to give best buy or somebody like that $100 to...
  19. mramseyISU

    Salt Water aquarium

    Anybody here have or had a salt water aquarium? I'm looking into starting this and just wondering if anybody has done this. If you have what advise do you have for somebody starting out and what are the gotchas with this? I had an uncle with one when I was a kid and I've always wanted to try it.
  20. mramseyISU

    Any other addicts out there? I started using it about 3 weeks ago and can't get off of there. I've traced my name back to the 12th century and I think I'm related to the Stewart dynasty of Scottish kings. Any of you find anything interesting like that?