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  1. Althetuna

    The Pied Piper Was Real?

    The Grimm Brothers and Browning may have shaped the legend into art, but the story, it turns out, is likely based on an actual historical incident. The proof is etched on Hamelin’s face itself. An inscribed plaque on the stone facade of the so-called Pied Piper house, a half-timbered private...
  2. Althetuna

    Food After the Apocalypse

    After the apocalypse people could eat grub sausage and drink pine needle tea among other things to survive. Yum!
  3. Althetuna

    Ablaut Reduplication

    For those who are curious how languages develop.
  4. Althetuna

    Why Gravity Is Different

    I thought it'd be nice to have something other than discussions on protests, COVID-19 and Trump The hypothesis of locality has been tested very well in ordinary settings, and it may...
  5. Althetuna

    Congratulations Harry Azcrac!

  6. Althetuna

    How Long Has It Been...

    since you purchased gasoline?
  7. Althetuna

    Bill Withers Passes

    Another great passes (unrelated to Coronavirus). Bill Withers died yesterday. I have a lot of his stuff in my playlists.
  8. Althetuna

    Max Von Sydow Passes

    Accomplished actor Max Von Sydow passed away today. I first saw him in the critically acclaimed, Academy Award winning Strange Brew. Oh yeah... he was in The Exercist as well and played some dude named Jesus in The Greatest Story Ever Told...
  9. Althetuna

    Terry Jones Passed Away

    Of Monty Python fame. Jones playing Sir Bedivere in The Holy Grail. A little absurdity from the past to distract from the absurdity of the present.
  10. Althetuna

    For Those of You Who Like To See **** Blow Up

    Watch live: SpaceX rocket will be destroyed in Sunday abort test
  11. Althetuna

    How Santa Got His Job
  12. Althetuna

    Dave Chappelle Wins Mark Twain Prize.

    Well deserved. I've seen Chappell live twice and will see him again on his next tour. A funny, funny dude.
  13. Althetuna

    Gallbladder Surgery

    I just got home from the hospital. Doctor is recommending I have my gallbladder removed. Please provide any insight you may have. Thanks.
  14. Althetuna

    Coming Soon From Big 12

    Apology letter to Texas Teach for blown illegal snap call in first OT. Edit:added link
  15. Althetuna

    Ginger Baker Passes Away At 80

    Drummer for Cream.
  16. Althetuna

    Healthy Dog Put Down To Be Buried

    Owner died and requested her dog be put down so they could be creamated and buried together. What the hell?
  17. Althetuna

    Led Zeppelin-10 Ribs & All

    I just ran across this uncompleted work by LZ. It was included on the Presence-Deluxe Edition. I think this is a great tune and really, really wish it would have been completed. Those dudes had talent coming out of their ears.
  18. Althetuna

    Iowa Nice

    The story is from Politico but it's not really about politics.
  19. Althetuna

    Resistance Is Futile. Your Future Is Set.
  20. Althetuna

    Arizona B-Ball: Phelps Suspended, Miller Close

    Arizona athletic director Dave Heeke said in a statement that Miller “fully supports” the decision to fire Phelps, but Goodman would not be surprised if Miller is the next one to go. After all, Phelps is Miller’s second assistant coach to be suspended/fired for misconduct. Ex-assistant Book...