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  1. HFCS

    New rankings?

    So surely if the season starts this week without Big10/Pac 12 they can't keep ranking those teams right? We're currently 23rd AP but 15th in teams who will play? Coaches 25th but 16th in teams that will play?
  2. HFCS

    2020 playoff format

    Disclaimer: I realize the entire season can fall apart. It's no secret since the College Football Committee was created a primary reason was to pump up the Big Ten. They consistently have the most members on the committee with the Big 12 usually having the least. As of now that committee has...
  3. HFCS

    Non NBA player dunk contest

    Saw short clip of this on ESPN and looked up the full contest. Pretty huge names like Bonds, Griffey Jr, Irvin, Carter, Deion Sanders... Mike Conley Sr is truly legit epic level dunker, I doubt his kid who is actually in the NBA can dunk like that. Michael Irvin pretty insane too.
  4. HFCS

    Ohio State Egomania Trademarking "The"

    Hilarious stuff.
  5. HFCS

    NCAA selection tools

    Which of these makes the most sense as an NCAA selection tool. Keep in mind Nebraska is 13-7 with few if any impressive wins and a few bad losses. A: 21. Nebraska 23. Iowa State 24. Iowa B: 12. ISU 18. Nebraska 29. Iowa C: 23. Iowa State 34. Iowa 64. Nebraska On what planet has Nebraska...
  6. HFCS

    SEC's vacation week from 8 game schedule

    So while other conferences play a 9 game schedule. The "Mighty" SEC will take its annual week off of cupcakes mostly this weekend. You may remember National Champion Alabama played a close win over Georgia Southern the same night ISU knocked OK State out of the NC game. On deck for this year's...
  7. HFCS

    Why is Baylor athletics still a thing?

    I can't fathom why Baylor athletics still exists. I'm not talking Big 12. I'm talking how they don't have at least their football and basketball programs completely suspended by the NCAA like SMU for DRASTICALLY smaller offenses in terms of lack of institutional control. Basketball programs...
  8. HFCS

    B12CCG: Pie in the sky who do we cheer for?

    Since we tagged a loss on a co-leader last week to tighten up the entire race...who do we cheer for from here on? My own strategy is we cheer for OU to win out since we don't have tie breaker and then gun for the 2nd spot and a rematch with a team we only lost to by 10 before we were clicking...
  9. HFCS

    Shohei Ohtani

    This guy has to be unanimous MVP if he continues anywhere near this pace right? 2.08 ERA starting pitcher hitting for power with .367 batting average as everyday DH? He could slip quite a bit in both and still get consideration for my hypothetical vote.
  10. HFCS

    Big 12 outpacing college basketball

    ***Updated for Elite 8*** 30% of Big 12 has advanced to Elite 8 (38% of entire field) 13% of ACC has advanced, (25% of entire field) 10% of Big East has advanced (12.5% of field) 7% of Big Ten has advanced, (12.5% of field) 0% of SEC has advanced 0% of Pac 12 has advanced 0% of AAC has advanced...
  11. HFCS

    Lard's #s last 4 games against 3 ranked teams

    Last 4 against 3 ranked teams and @Baylor: 18.25 points per game 11 rebounds per game 2.5 blocks per game 65% FG shooting Those are some astounding freshman numbers against top competition.
  12. HFCS

    SpaceX plume over LA last night

    pretty incredible sight to see directly above a major city last night
  13. HFCS

    CFB week one games interest

    Rank the order of interest you have in the first week-ish of CFB games. (not counting ISU obviously which is #1 for most of us) This first week of games has been getting better every year lately. 1. FSU vs Bama in Atlanta. Seems like NC hopes already in play which is why the programs are...
  14. HFCS

    Best Team of 1 NBA player and 4 clones

    Random NBA off topic subject because I'm bummed the NBA playoffs are over and mostly consisted of two teams carving up the entire playoffs like a hot knife through butter. Which one player and 4 clones of himself make the most unbeatable team? My list: 1. 5 LeBrons (best to defend all 5...
  15. HFCS

    Nebraska now the only program with 0 NCAA wins

    I believe with NW's win yesterday the Cornhuskers are now officially the worst P5/Big East team in NCAA history being the only program with 0 NCAA wins. Gotta love that.
  16. HFCS

    Bowie left his mark today

    Hopefully a lot more great plays in the NCAA tournament but Bowie really left his mark in this title game. Cyclone fans will remember all the brilliant plays he made today for a long time. GREAT GAME!!!
  17. HFCS

    All Conference Cyclones predictions

    Any predictions for ISU players on the All Big 12 teams? Monte I think is likely a no brainer to be 1st team. Leading league in assists, 6th in scoring, having his best season all around. Probably the best ball handler in an entire generation of college bb players. Mason will be unanimous 1st...
  18. HFCS

    Greatest year of American pro sports ever?

    I'm not a huge hockey fan, so excuse leaving it out, but have there ever been 3 American pro sports championships in a row that are even in shouting distance of Cavs, Cubs, Patriots this past year? I don't think it's even close that we've never seen and may never see again 3 championships like...
  19. HFCS

    ***Rose Bowl***

    USC almost scores a TD kicking off.
  20. HFCS

    ***Wisc vs WMU Cotton Bowl***

    Is it just me or does this seem like a tough bowl to pick against spread? Wisconsin is 7.5 favorite. They're both 4-0 against common opponents NW and ILL but Wisconsin beating both much more soundly. I can't figure out why Wisc isn't bigger favorite? It seems like Wisc is a slam dunk to cover...