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    *** Official #23 IOWA STATE VS Kansas State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Anyone on here talking S#*@ about CMC and quite frankly the team is just an internet tough guy.. This team played tough this season and i can remember just 5-6 years ago anyone sitting there would love to have a chance to finish in upper half of the big 12 year in and year out with a chance to...

    *** Official #23 IOWA STATE VS Kansas State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Ok i might be the only one rational at this point that the sky is falling - but.... as irritated as i am with losing to that friction puke Chris K superior D-Bag all the way back to HS - they had everything in their favor besides the turnover margin. The only time this year our offense was...

    Shayok Out tonight, Questionable for Sat

    Watched a lot of ISU basketball and this team has clearly had its share of ups and downs.... But, if i had to say anyone has hit the nail on the head fully, and said what every ISU fan is thinking its Myron Medcalf. Dudes playing to get paid... Hope they all remember that anything outside of...

    When will they assign Baylor kickoff time???

    Now that we won against KU, will our game with Baylor be flexed to a more prominent time slot???

    My Bill Snyder appreciation blog

    ya know what F*&k Bill Snyder if he don't come out and say they got some suspect calls.... i've watched a lot of football and that was the worst..... I've ever seen.. last time I've seen that much ******** was at KU in basketball.... I totally understand that the Big 12 officials are hired based...

    That game was fixed

    ur obviously an idiot sp\o I'm good!!!!

    ISU wins this weekend if they...

    As most people would assert, the key this week will be the defense.... I will be the devils advocate here... Im going with our offense.... The most obvious is tendencies.... WVU has had one of the highest scoring offenses in the big 12 and have rolled up some big numbers....However, the...

    Props to Coach Wade and his group!!!!!

    As they say - The proof is in the pudding!!!!! Coach Wade and his group have done a great job selling these kids on the way to get this program better is to increase size, strength and speed. Re-watching the game, the discussions about the Dline are valid - those guys are big, strong and exude...

    Silly conjecture- Pitino out, Prohm to Louisville

    So with these developments - and now the decommitment from two players - one of which Courtney Ramey, ISU was recruiting pretty hard at one time from Missouri - any chance we make the call? Or distance ourselves from that messy situation?

    Tips for visiting San Diego

    If you like italian, there's a great little italian restaurant downtown in of all places... Little Italy San Diego..... If you see it from the street, you could walk right by it... Its the ol New York style with a deli in front and a great lil italian restaurant in back... Its called Filippi's...

    A few nuggets from yesterday's (8-12-17) scrimmage

    According to depth chart, it looks like AL, Ryen and Butler but that can obviously change... who cares who's starting!!!!

    A few nuggets from yesterday's (8-12-17) scrimmage

    Couldn't agree more.... my word for D Jones is he's got that wiggle.... when he gets the ball with any space, defenders fear his big play ability. I too am looking forward to seeing him get more touches... hearing he may not be a starter - but obviously play a lot, should tell us a lot about the...

    Seth Davis

    Not true - his lock was Mid Ten St and in case you didn't see it, they won..... But he is s a total D-Bag he totally made a huge deal about ISU losing to Nevada on the Bracket show and talked about how good they were and they were totally neutralized.... they got a few points but we did our...

    NBA: Are Lakers intentionally tanking season...

    For the record - the 76ers set a plan in motion of drafting the same player three years in a row - thats a plan to be bad - thats not tanking that just means were going to draft someone that cannot help us this year or maybe next.... ala Cowboys drafting Jaylon Smith.... they knew he wouldn't...

    NBA: Are Lakers intentionally tanking season...

    As a 76ers fan, i find it ironic that two of the Lakers major offseason signings have been shut down even though both are healthy.... Oh its because LA loses their draft rights to their first round pick (1-3) protected. So if they finish 4th, Philly gets it. So, LA is trying everything they can...

    Just laugh it off guys

    have to resist saying too much...about this terribly officiated game right now.... after watching the second half that officiating team should not officiate another big 12 game. Until the big 12 actually steps up and fires someone for sub par officiating, then nothing will change. In terms of...

    Nice ESPN article on Park's growth

    No doubt about it.... For me - the telling sign was the first time i saw him look downfield - it was covered and he moved his head to a second and a third receiver for a 4 yard completion. Thats when i knew we had a qb.... all too often our offense was predicated on quick fast throws - single...

    RECRUITING: Your weekend primer for 2-25-17

    I saw Trevor Downing and Charles Robinson both at the game walking with Coach Golesh.... Hadn't seen anything posted on Robinson so here's his 247 page....3* Tight End.... Great atmosphere to have some excellent recruits visiting!!!!

    Seemingly never ending Iowa MBB thread (still going.....)

    Not only was that horrible defense, but, he had two plays down the stretch that just make you scratch your head like - huh.... When he reached out in front of him and jok swung his arms through, foul. He hadn't even dribbled yet and wasn't need to reach.... then the reach foul on...

    *** Official IOWA STATE VS Texas Tech Game(Day) Thread ***

    ISU shooting.... 10-18 3 ptrs in first half 2-6 3 ptrs in second half Either Techs defense really turned it up or they focused on senior basketball when it counted and work to score the highest percentage shots in the second half. Great win considering the refs were giving them so many ticky...