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    William small leaving?

    Was surprised I hadn’t seen anything on this yet. If I missed it, just merge with other thread.
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    The real reason why iowa state is struggling.

    I broke up with my gf right before the new year. We were having a lot of problems and it was just clear that we were not working out. Since that time though, it's clear the team has not been the same and with back to back losses to Baylor and texas, it's clear its my fault that we are losing...
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    Dave rice

    Everyone's favorite college coach has just been canned.
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    Rain delay at Barclays

    Nets game has been delayed for last ten minutes. Looks like a roof leak going out onto floor. First brought out some towels but that didn't help. Now bringing out a big industrial bucket.
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    Kentucky losing to buffalo!!!

    If a thread is out there on this by all means merge but wtf?
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    George Mason up 4 on UMASS under 13 left in second half

    I think its kind of a big deal since we played George Mason and UMASS is top ten rpi. Hoping me posting this doesn't jinx it. On SNY for those looking for it with sports pack.
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    Providence vs west virginia

    Providence up six, less than ten minutes. On any and espn3 for anyone who cares. Ok make that eight.
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    Ashley xfactor

    L.A. Reid Says ‘X Factor’ Hopeful Ashley Sansone Made Him Want to Slit His Wrists - PopCrush I know this girl. I have heard her sing and to tell u the truth it sounded nothing like this train wreck. I don't know what in the he'll she was thinking or doing when she was "singing".
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    Former cyclone/wwf wrestler

    Man mountain rock ‪Man Mountain Rock Vs Charlie Hunter‬‏ - YouTube
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    Baylor sucks hardcore

    2 nd half and barely beating Texas southern. ESPN NCAAB TXSOvBAY,1/02/2011
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    Big television

    ESPN NCAAF Big Ten won't pursue expansion good news kind of. . .
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    Uni vs north Dakota

    ESPN NCAAB UNDvUNI,11/27/2010
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    Big east story

    Big East considered becoming even bigger | News