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    Photoshop images

    A little late and you maybe have seen this already. Pretty quality work from a poster on WRNL. Someone should definitely make a sign of this.
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    Renewing Season Tickets

    We are letting 2 of our 4 go and one donation. Was tempted to let them all go because I know I can jump back in at just as good or better seats when the product improves. It's about 50/50 for the crappy product and other life things going on (being a parent, my wife doesn't want to go very...
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    MONDAY MUSINGS: If Rhoads has future, he needs public backing from AD

    Let me translate. Sorry man, I made a big mistake locking this guy up for so long. I don't have the funds to buy out his contract and pay a new coach an average Big 12 coaching salary. P.S. Please continue to buy season tickets or I'm ****ed.
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    Iowa State Scrimmage 8/9

    Actually, you don't have to be a big timer or better than everyone at all to be a gridiron member. $25 for students, $100 for the rest of us.
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    Iowa State Scrimmage 8/9

    Doesn't mean you have to be a dumb *** about it.
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    Iowa State Scrimmage 8/9

    Gotcha. The email I got said something about not posting info from the scrimmage on message boards, social media or taking pictures. Has that changed?
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    Iowa State Scrimmage 8/9

    The first rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club
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    Miller's prediction & comments. OUCH!!!!!

    *Co-Champs. Details... But I wouldn't expect you to pay attention to those. And the answer to the question is 1990. Regarding 2002, I recall what happened. I was at the metrodome when you *** hats tried to take a goal post through a revolving door and Brad Banks was walking around with a...
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    Miller's prediction & comments. OUCH!!!!!

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the B1G champion played in the Rose Bowl or in the MNC. When was the last time Iowa played in the Rose Bowl? When was the last time they played in the MNC game (Jon Miller's prediction doesn't count)?
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    Miller's prediction & comments. OUCH!!!!!

    With the hawks recent struggles vs MAC teams that could be a disaster for them.
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    Tickets Sold Out

    Same here, lower bowl. Was at the end of my patience though. Was gonna let them go, then Hoiberg got hired and I figured I would see what he could do. So glad I didn't let them go...
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    OT: What is the best opener to an album ever?

    "Dead and Bloated" Stone Temple Pilots-Core I remember putting that in my CD player and hearing it for the first time and being blown away. Before I hit play I really just wanted to skip to "Sex Type Thing". "My Name is Jonas" is another good one that brings back the high school memories...
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    Jok charged with OWI

    With sweet stereo's. -Devondrick Nealy
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    What to do in KC

    Bolded for truth. Best wings I've ever had. Will be there Thursday after ISU game.
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    2014 season re-cap from pretty cool

    Ahhhhh.... Kill it with fire!!!! It would be fitting for that crazy beast to be in the still picture of the youtube video.
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    FS: 1 Big 12 Tourney All Session Pass

    ***Sold*** Section 205 (upper level) Row 2. Asking $205 (my cost)
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    True Detective on HBO

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    Sports Radio/Personalities

    Does this mean Skip Bayless hasn't been lit on fire yet? Dammit.