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  1. ACSlater

    Kolat to Navy

    This move really surprised me as I thought he would be in the running for a few bigger name jobs. Wonder who all will be entering the portal I’m pretty sure they had an Iowa kid or two on there roster. Also who’s next in line for the Campbell job Sentes or mike Evans or.....
  2. ACSlater

    Ayala to Iowa

    Not wanting to pile on our staff because I believe it was down to Iowa and tosu. I see Dresser was in California so i'm assuming he was there to visit Vazquez. Can we expect anyone else for 2020 or will we be looking to the portal to try and fill some of our holes and who are we going after in 2021.
  3. ACSlater

    NCAA Tickets

    My tickets finally came in the mail today!! Looks like my seats are in the end zone section 119 row 23!!! Hopefully I’m near other cyclone fans.
  4. ACSlater

    Gilbert tournament Saturday

    Seen Dresser mentioned some of our starters are staying back Saturday to get matches. Any idea who else will be attending??
  5. ACSlater

    Ryan Anderson

    Just seen that Pat Mineo is reporting that Ryan Anderson didn’t get accepted into Iowa State.
  6. ACSlater

    NCAA wrestling tickets

    Well unfortunately I was denied my tickets through the university for Nationals as they were only able to get 228 of the 500 they requested. Looking for up to 4 tickets if anyone has anything available please email thanks.
  7. ACSlater

    Foca no longer committed

    And the hits just keep on coming.
  8. ACSlater

    National's Roll Call

    3 of us will be
  9. ACSlater

    Nationals tickets

    I thought I had 4 tickets lined up but that fell through. So unfortunately I'm looking for 4 tickets, they do not have to be together. If this don't work looks like I'll be scalping in St. Louis
  10. ACSlater

    Harold Nichols open

    Anywhere to see a list of what teams are participating.
  11. ACSlater

    Ncaa wrestling hotel

    Just put in my order for ncaa tickets and was wondering where the cyclones will be staying in Oklahoma City. I'm a member of the cyclone wrestling club and have seen nothing on hotel info any help would be great.
  12. ACSlater

    In need of tickets for Sunday

    I already posted under the ticket exchange forum but I'm not sure how much attention that gets. I Have family coming into town and am looking for a few tickets for them better then upper deck. If anyone has some they aren't using I'd be intersted. If I can't find anything prior to Sunday...
  13. ACSlater

    WTB: Iowa state vs iowa wrestling tickets

    Wtb iowa state vs iowa wrestling tickets. Have family in town for thanksgiving so wanting good seats. Thanks
  14. ACSlater

    Harold Nichols open

    Is there anywhere I can find out who's all competing in this event??
  15. ACSlater

    Red and yellow garbage cans

    Cardinal and Gold garbage cans Was driving in Ames today and seen some cyclone colored garbage cans and as far as garbage cans go they were pretty sweet. Anyone know what company they're from and pricing.
  16. ACSlater

    Destin McCauley to Nebraska

    Former Top Recruit McCauley Picks Nebraska
  17. ACSlater

    Nationals tickets

    Just wondering when ncaa wrestling tickets will arrive. I was part of the 2nd round of tickets from the cwc.
  18. ACSlater

    Nationals tickets

    Anyone have any idea how I can get a few nationals tickets as I am not a season ticket holder.
  19. ACSlater

    WTB: WTB Ncaa wrestling tickets

    Just moved to the Ames area and I didn't get a chance 2 get season tickets but have been 2 all the meets I'm looking for a season ticket holder to get me nationals tickets. The ticket office tells me that's the only way I can get them any help would be appreciated.