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    Are you a Patriot or a Vampire?

    Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Trailer - YouTube So, so in.
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    ISUWBB Game vs UT on 105.1 FM

    The AHS boys are using our AM frequency(1430) so the ISU Women will be on 105.1 if you can't make the game tonight.
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    Bad Booze Friday

    It seems like Fridays have been declared "booze discussion days" here and everyone is always singing the praises of their favorite imbibements....but what about the lesser of these? What is something you can never drink, would never drink, etc? I'll go first... Anything + Red Bull Anything...
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    New Dre - "Kush" feat. Snoop, Akon

    First single from Detox is too sick for words..... YouTube - Dr. Dre - Kush ft. Snoop Dogg, Akon
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    Leaked Ke$ha Track from 2030!

    It's a look into the future.... YouTube - SunnyD and Rum - THE POP SINGLE! The burp at the end slays me...
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    How will you fare during the Zombie Apocalypse?

    Lava Lamp and a broken rubber band....ouch.
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    Lisa's Wedding....anyone here going?

    It's tomorrow!
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    YouTube - Glowstick In A Toilet (The Rave Toilet) Rave on, toilet bowl....rave on... pNSFW: some off-color language
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    "Let Me In" Trailer

    Trailer for the American version of what is arguably the best vampire movie ever produced. YouTube - Let Me In International trailer The Swedish original was absolutely riveting from start to finish and may be the cure for the vapid take on vampire lore/mythology that your tweenage kids have...
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    YouTube - adidas Originals - Star Wars? Cantina 2010 Take that Nike... Ian Brown, Daft Punk, Neil Armstrong, Snoop, Noel Gallagher, et al. > Homer Simpson
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    Beer Labels

    You cats seem to like beer and talking about it around here....well, MOST of you do... Anyway, I was just curious as to what your favorite labels, are. Craft Beer makers have been having tons of fun with labels lately as I see tons of cool ones at Cyclone whenever I stop in for some home...
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    Brackins Going Pro

    Greg just announced it on KASI during the halftime interview of the AHS Boys game
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    If you're in Ames and looking for something to do tonight (Friday), this cat will be crafting his amazing stage show at DG's (above the Corner Pocket) YouTube - A Collection of High Quality Heatbox Tunes I promise you haven't seen anything like this before. It's beyond awesome
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    David Byrne, Fatboy Slim, AND Florence Welch?!?!?!?!? Record of the year inside!

    It's the title track to my most anticipated album/project of the year and its out in mere weeks!!! YouTube - David Byrne & Fatboy Slim Feat. Florence Welch "Here Lies Love" Find out more here: - Here Lies Love
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    Bar Wars: Downtown vs Campustown

    The "Why can't we have a cheap bar in SW Ames" thread got me wondering where the denizens of this board get their lips wet... Downtown vs Campustown GO!
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    A-Team Trailer - on Vimeo
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    New Trailer for Matthew Vaughn Naughty Title Movie

    This is a Day 1 watching for this handsome fella. Trailer (NSFW because of language) Kick-Ass Red Band Trailer Online Vaughn is the reason those first two Guy Ritchie flicks were so boss, imho. Also Layer Cake is killer.
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    Stage Banter...

    I'm sitting here preparing for a night of whiskey-fueled adventure and we're listening to this old Lou Reed show. He's doing Take a Walk on The Wild Side and it's chock full of some of the best stage banter I've ever heard. Who else, other than maybe Tom Waits, has brilliant stage banter...
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    God is a DJ

    it's true. YouTube - Faithless - Insomnia (Monster Mix)