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  1. skibumspe

    Atif Austin fired as coach....

    As I was scouring for some good info on the Rays win last night (yes, I'm a fan & have lived down there for a decade but am currently in Korea), I found an interesting headline regarding former Cyclone Atif Austin down in the Tampa Bay Area. Florida high school sports | Tarpon Springs dismisses...
  2. skibumspe

    Any word on the new golf coach?

    Just wondering where JP is in the process; hadn't seen anything new about it recently.
  3. skibumspe

    $100 - Let's get the ball rolling!!

    Considering conversations I've had w/friends & fellow alums in regard to our 'irrelevance,' one of the major topics is how come our financial support is so low in regards to the number of Alums who actually donate. Lots of things are out of our control as far as population, location, etc are...
  4. skibumspe

    Great Jeremiah George Article

    This is a great article about a kid down here, who I think is going to do great things for STATE! Cotey: For Clearwater's Jeremiah George, the strongest bonds weren't forged at birth | Home Team |
  5. skibumspe

    Bay Area Recruits

    Thought I'd throw out the latest links from Tampa/St. Pete area. First one is a list of the top 20 bay area recruits & a blurb about where they are headed/visiting/interested. We've got commits from the #9 (George) & #16 (West) guys on the list! Players | Home Team | Second one...
  6. skibumspe

    Bay Area Recruits/Commits

    Alright, couple pieces from Bay Area Recruits & Commits - George & Reedy. Unfortunately nothing much on Tim Jackson, visited both Stanford & UNC; sounds like he enjoyed both & still not setting anything for Ames. Looks like Mike Douglas is still a pretty solid to Kentucky, as well. Reedy has...
  7. skibumspe

    Mike Douglas

    Looks like we missed out on least for now, he could always change his mind: Largo's Douglas picks Kentucky | Home Team |
  8. skibumspe

    Adrian Golden Update

    Brief write-up on where Adrian Golden is in the recruiting process. Looks more & more like he'll wind up at a JuCo due to grades: Adrian Golden gets first firm offer | Home Team |
  9. skibumspe

    Article on recruit Tim Jackson

    Was perusing the sports sections online this afternoon & thought I'd pass this latest update along; would really be a huge boost to our D-Line/pass rush, prioritizes academics & his teammate is already committed to STATE: Gibbs' Tim Jackson puts academics first | Home Team | The...
  10. skibumspe

    Tim Jackson Article

    Tim Jackson plus 8 | Home Team | Thought I would put up an article I found today from the St. Pete Times about Tim Jackson announcing his top 8 schools....Iowa State being one of them (remember, Jarvis West is his teammate). He's also a good student....seeing he had a high SAT...
  11. skibumspe

    Can't get enough....

    I'm likely giving myself some 'feel good' overkill as I scour for more stories about State but it's just great to finally know we absolutely got the right man for the job! I love these quotes from Brandtner in the Omaha World Herald: “It's really fun and exciting to play for a guy like that...