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  1. ACSlater

    August CRTC Newsletter

    That’s great news!! Thanks Dan Schmidt for all you do for cyclone wrestling and youth wrestling in the area with The Barn.
  2. ACSlater

    Mulder Transferring

    He will do very well at wartburg
  3. ACSlater

    Metcalf on Flo

    When’s the film actually going to drop.
  4. ACSlater

    On to 2021

    Guessing he will end up at Grand View.
  5. ACSlater

    2022 Recruiting

    Without Fargo etc this summer this is our staffs chance to find some diamonds in the rough and pull in some hammers that are flying under the radar. We need this class to be a great one.
  6. ACSlater

    Hector Gomez ( Austin’s Dad ) battling Covid

    Prayers for the Gomez family
  7. ACSlater

    C-RTC & Recruiting

    I guess it all depends on if they want another CRTC athlete or a “Volunteer” assistant coach. If you are looking for athlete/ Coach Joe Colon would be a good fit. Or if we are just looking to add a coach to our staff it sounds like Matt McDonough is available both would be great for our...
  8. ACSlater

    2020 Double Down Campaign

    I received my swag today!!!
  9. ACSlater

    2020 Double Down Campaign

    Just made mine!!
  10. ACSlater

    On to 2021

    So you’re looking for someone like Zahid.
  11. ACSlater

    On to 2021

    That would also be a great hire.
  12. ACSlater

    On to 2021

    I thought they could be paid from the universities foundation and donors. But not the athletic department... I might have misunderstood.
  13. ACSlater

    On to 2021

    And just like that Palmer is gone....
  14. ACSlater

    On to 2021

    I don’t believe that is correct. I’m pretty sure “volunteer” assistants get paid by the university and Since he’s an athlete with the crtc he gets paid from them also...
  15. ACSlater

    On to 2021

    Put Palmer in the crtc and give McDonough the assistant spot. If needed do the same with Willie. We need a light weight guy.
  16. ACSlater

    On to 2021

    Hearing McDonough might be out at Wisconsin any chance we can land him on our staff.
  17. ACSlater

    Jacob Perez-Eli Commits

    Sneaky good get with lots of upside!!! Glad to see our staff working hard on the east coast! Hopefully you calling a recruit a room guy goes better for you.
  18. ACSlater

    On to 2021

    What’s going on with his leg??
  19. ACSlater

    Metcalf Possibly Leaving?

    Hopefully this Flo documentary helps get our recruiting going in the right direction!!!!! We need to start landing some hammers!!!!
  20. ACSlater

    C-RTC & Recruiting

    I don’t see Iowa state on any of there list our staff must already be working on the class of 2022. They are way ahead of the game!!!