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  1. mcblogerson

    Who do we Replace Iowa WIth?

    Does that mean next year we play Iowa at home again?
  2. mcblogerson

    Retirement Targets

    I’d like to be able to retire by 60 if I want, but realistically plan on working at least part time into my 70s. I need something to hate. Planning on a minimum 1mill in 401k If things continue on the current trajectory, Ill be in the 1.5-2mill range by my 60’s. The wife will probably have a...
  3. mcblogerson

    Can you cook?

    Jambalaya is in my heavy rotation Pot roast with Guinness gravy if Im looking for an all day project Just bought a steam pot recently, going to work on my seafood boil game. Baking, while I enjoy the results, is too recipe specific. My cooking is more of a shoot from the hip style.
  4. mcblogerson

    Neighborhood Cats

    Im allergic to cats but not bothered by them roaming the neighborhood. A stray dog that growls at my kids will end up in a shallow grave.
  5. mcblogerson

    Beach Vacation

    Barcelo bavaro beach - Dominican Cabo or Cancun have nice beaches
  6. mcblogerson

    Does attending a more selective college equal a bigger paycheck?

    Ivy league, Stanford, MIT, level degrees open doors that arent easily opened by other colleges. Past that most colleges are about the same, whether its a P5 school or a small liberal arts one. Regionally it may give you a little prestige. I would guess most people outside of the midwest dont...
  7. mcblogerson

    Top 5 Favorite Movies

    Fight Club Empire Strikes Back The Matrix Interview with a Vampire Pulp Fiction
  8. mcblogerson

    Wisconsin/Michigan trip

    Sleeping Bear dunes There are plenty of great beaches all along the Lake Michigan coast Founders brewery Brewery Vivant
  9. mcblogerson

    NFL: ***2020 NFL Draft Thread***

    Lol, trashing Scott Frost and NU. Turning down a future Heisman winner and #1 pick
  10. mcblogerson

    2020 Stocks

    I think the market will still tank again sometime before the end of the summer. It might not drop fast, but how stable could it be with mass unemployment, and the economy shrinking significantly. I think a lot of investors just assume things will go back to normal soon.
  11. mcblogerson

    Grills, Grills, Grills

    Buy a Weber if your going gas, its worth the cost. That being said when my 13yr old Weber is ready for replacement, Im probably going pellet.
  12. mcblogerson

    2020 Stocks

    They’re essential to our transportation network, and will always be kept afloat in some capacity.
  13. mcblogerson

    2020 Stocks

    I checked mine out today and it was working.
  14. mcblogerson

    Caleb Grill Transferring

    I would have penciled him in as 1st guard off the bench next year. Lowered expectations on all fronts I suppose
  15. mcblogerson

    2020 Stocks

    Exactly, I cashed out 80% of my stock in January. Im just waiting to see how bad it can get before shoving all my chips in. If you rode this to the current bottom, I’d stay put and keep buying in more when the time is right.
  16. mcblogerson

    2020 Stocks

    15k seems possible. I dont see how they can pump enough sunshine to make the market happy. The whole world is sliding into recession and confidence will fall as this spreads.
  17. mcblogerson

    2020 Stocks

    Downhill skiing tomorrow. They blew their wad trying to stop it last week, this week realities begin to set in. I think were half way to the bottom.
  18. mcblogerson

    Drugs and alcohol in the age of Coronavirus

    I stopped by “the man” today and grabbed another cart and a 1/4 just in case. Tomorrow going to grab a couple handles of vodka and some more bourbon. I dont want to come into this potential quarantine party unprepared.